APRIL 26 | Tuesday

Okay loves. This time is going to feel really emotional in some super strong ways and also where you may feel lost in the void and not really be able to feel grounded in space. DO KNOW you don’t need to use your mind to interpret the situations you are in, as this time is asking for you to surrender into what is here, and in some way see that this is a final let go and some ending point that deals with something fully coming out of the shadows.

You are being given permission to not have a clue and for that to be the perfect way to be. Don’t push right now and instead be the receiver where you allow things to push you away instead of you pushing them for pushing you away.

Now LOVE is going to be on your minds and things of the dream are going to be what you are wanting to move into. Consider that you are on the ocean and waves are moving you and causing you to sometimes feel strong emotions, but also see that your thoughts are pulling you to what they are. So don’t be lost and see that you are lost. Wander and see that you are waiting to be found. And then go into the dream of what being found would feel like. Its time for you to start using more of your energy to stay in dreamy spaces of wonderland where things are going to be so amazing and full of love and grace. Too much nose diving into the fear of what could be, has created the worlds you all individually see. You ARE a co-creator here. And what you ask for, you shall receive. So my love. Lets start asking for better!

There will be a BIG test today in regard to someone coming at you and bringing strong emotions that you are to notice are hitting you different in your body. First thing, notice that you DON’T feel lit up and agitated inside – as you should be feeling super calm even though a storm is coming at you. If you are at this zero point, where your body is registering something new, DO NOT go into the drama, as this is just a test. What you need to do is make space for you, draw boundaries for them, and go off and hold compassion for them or do some sort of good vibe thing wishing that they will get through this okay. Take all the miscommunications and shocking behaviors and stop the replication now. Its time to go in the opposite direction where we send the love without speaking our opinions or with putting others in their place. Enough of getting even or having the last word. Instead, we let it go with love and keep the good vibes growing.

This is also when romance is rising and the opportunities are bringing people together again in new ways that deal with wanting things to be more fairytale and special. It can be that we are thinking how time is limited and what time we have we want to get the most out of. So expect some blurred lines to become clear as we start waking up to what we really want. If you are in a relationship that has a lot of illusion in it where you don’t know where you stand, this means you both are thinking that you need more magic in life and if its meant to be, you’ll see clearly at this time. If its not meant to be, you also will see clearly at this time. What you feel now is the truth of what needs to be what you face. Feelings don’t lie.


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