APRIL 25 | Monday

I hope you listened to me yesterday because it will place you in an excellent position today! And you need it because there is a wild and emotional rain storm coming through that shows up as many people really feeling lost and confused as if they are in the dark. Panic may be setting in and it has them wailing and really vocal about how upset they are. Where you need to be is taking things and holding compassion with them as you just listen and allow it to then go through you. There will be tests today that want you going high and with wisdom in how you don’t mirror things or allow them to pull you into fears or worries about what could also potentially happen to you. Take and let go. Don’t adopt the feelings of others to the point you end up flooded out and unable to do anything.

And actually, what is best for today is if you can really start it with things that help ground you and prepare you for emotional outbursts. If you can get out to the mountains or lay out in your backyard, do what you can to unplug as much as possible so that you are more of a blank slate with what you take on from others today. The next few days are going to be quite the test for some of you in not being carried away.

IF you can use this energy in the higher ways, you are going to be FULL of all these realizations or connections that you learned from the retreat and with pulling back to just be alone and discover. The best place for you to be is in the kitchen, in the shop, on the pottery wheel, working with your hands and meditating with your creative gifts expressing.

There are to be MAGICAL awakenings of the mind over the next few days, but like with dodgeball, you GOT to keep yourself safe. You have to value yourself enough to draw boundaries and to really speak clearly about what you are feeling and how things make you feel. Its time to bring voice to how you need to be held – and we discover the best voice through some retreat times where we just get to be alone and daydream. Do everything to shut others out and make space for your creativity to sing. This is when we really get our minds ready for an upgrade. So we have to honor that we got to pull back and shift our view to being compassionate with people and things that don’t really vibe like you. Your mind keeps you from being the enlightened one you want others to see.

Time to shift you to the humanitarian mind which keeps you focused on service and there MUST be a way. From quiet times the keys arrive to set you free and get you back to your true design. LOVE THIS TIME and just allow yourself to feel. What is inside really matters and it needs airtime.


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