Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus PER SIGN Readings

GENERAL READING: Be aware that this is PART ONE of 3 readings that will describe your next 6 month themes. We want to pay attention to the Eclipse Season because it guides us into higher level teachings that are like getting routine work done in order to keep the system running in its best. We need to be in sync with where our routine work is being done. This is what first needs to GROW and be a new plan or plant you initiate at this time.

We have forces coming in to help us get out of stuck positions that we devalued ourselves into. Because we have followed along and not used our voice to be clear on what FEELS BEST TO US, we said yes to what now needs us digging our way out of. The process is slow, and it will need you putting yourself first and really listening to your heart about how things make you feel.

We are to put plans to feelings and our heart on the sleeve in going for what moves us away from what feels rotten. Things have a timing to them that go from abundant to worn down. Lightbulbs work until they have nothing more to give to you. And then they don’t serve a purpose, so you replace them and move on. Face what is rotten, and on the way out, with love as you remember that it WAS good for and to you at some time.

It's important that we connect into what we have around us so that that get clear on deciding WHAT stays and what now must go so as to bring about a new crop of a life where our feelings decide on what grows. Expect to come a bit out of the shadows this next 6 months where you really speak your art and focus more on working with your creative gifts and natural abilities in order to sustain yourself in grounded and upgraded ways. There is a rising truth coming from you that needs to be set free to BE the peacock of your dreams.

THIS Solar Eclipse starts the new story and is to be when you first write out the plans for how much joy you are about to work patiently for.



This Solar Eclipse is to awaken a new value system where you will be WAY more patient as you feel out what your body or intuition guides you to do. You are to be finding new ways to connect into meditation or spaces where you get out into nature and just allow the signs to lead your way. Something will break apart and move out of a fixed position because of other things you are feeling called to join into. This means you will have new dreams and desires that now will be put into a plan where you work from a new plot of land that supports you being more creative and sticking with what your heart inspires you to do. You WILL be using your throat more or sharing creative ideas as a way to support yourself. Be aware that you are going to be rewired so that you look into the mystery more to trust that things will work out in the long run. It means you have to be like a child who just sits there and believes they can have it all.

You are learning how to operate where you patiently create higher class situations THROUGH looking with eyes that are more in tune to what is happening on the inside rather than with what is happening on the outside. It’s where you are to have stronger nighttime dreams and visions that show you there is another plan and way you could live that would give you more time to be creative and hooked into only doing what you love to do. BUT – to get to this sweet space, you have to go back to the basics in facing what is in your soil and what needs you standing up and declaring for better standards of living.

From what you feel inside you will look at what is outside and will feel strong ways you want to grow something that values you more. Expect to see many things that feel like they are a no because they somehow are not the correct soil for you. But don’t make it a bad thing! Always play with what you are seeing on the outside and go to your inside to be hopeful that this is here for you to make better. You WILL be making choices and you are to invest in your future where you put yourself as the star who deserves to be held in certain ways. Don’t skimp and DO expect to seek for luxury and something that really makes you happy.

This energy just wants you holding this upgraded sense of self worth where you do then plant seeds that bring you abundance and opportunities that support you living the dream. From inside you will grow the outside – and it’s why you need to face it all, speak deeply from your soul and get used to taking risks of the heart that motivate you to reach for something you haven’t seen before. There IS work to do so balance your dreaming spaces with action towards each step of the new plans. It means being consistent and not giving up because things go slow. Be the turtle who keeps going and isn’t so down that things aren’t about instant gratification.

Many of you will be facing scarcity issues or fears that deal with you questioning if you can trust and believe in this other thing. Just know that you are not alone, and you ARE a co-creator in what will manifest your way. It’s time for you to use your throat more in allowing this other space to cheer you on through signs and feelings motivating you to take some leap. Just know that NOT KNOWING is going to be the way you are to take as FEELING THIS THING is what is to inspire you to catch onto this other sort of flow. When you get limited in the mind in thinking you need to go back to some old world way of growing your crop, just unplug, soak in the tub, don’t put any pressure on yourself and open to the mystery showing you the way. It’s important that you grow this new pattern that is YOUR TRUTH. From the earth and from what is focused on simplicity, you will grow something extravagant that will feed your soul. Unplug to discover what is better for you.


This is YOUR Solar Eclipse, and it is when you will be making sudden changes that go against how others USUALLY see you. The next 6 months are about getting you to change your focus so that you step more into showing yourself in ways where you come out of the shadows and clearly express how you feel about things. You may feel like you are waking out of a spell where you finally now have the solution or connection that gets you to seeing how little value you held for yourself in your past that got you following along and learning to not make a stink because of the disruptions it could create.

Ways you were warped by others in how you share your truth, are going to be falling back into a natural order where you will be able to start over in what sort of supportive space you can create. You are being asked to put pride in your foundation and to expect more than you have been getting. Changes are coming to get you grounded in something that allows you to do more in the world and to have more time to focus on making a difference. But it will be YOU putting you first and allowing your feelings to be the one choosing.

Expect to come outside of the lines OFTEN in the next 6 months where you finally say no to all the things that are so-so and see that you deserve to have more love in your life that is connected to the energy that empowers you to wanting to step up and share your innermost creative ways and ideas with the world. You need better support, and it will be your own value system that calls it forward. From there, that support will help trampoline you to greater heights and to new levels with how you want to do work that is impacting the community and those who need YOU standing up for them.

You are a seed that needs YOU planting this and keeping with the growth process as others also play a role in how they will then support you to do even more. You ARE coming together with others in new ways where you are to be more of a leader and to see that things are manifesting out of the blue and in amazing ways BECAUSE of the new waves you are making with your authentic voice. This says, be okay making a stink and causing waves that move other things around. You are here to be bolder and with confidence that YOU are here to do big things that are to move the Age of Aquarius into our reality. You are to be dreaming in the wildest of ways where you are letting go of the old world and your family ideas that have you dreaming in boxes that are NOT going to make you happy.

You may have situations that come suddenly, and they just need you dreaming for something beyond what you could imagine. You are to see upgrades in your life and to assert towards what REALLY feels right. This is not about you compromising ever again – this energy wants you putting your things out there and always trusting that the answer will come when you need it. This energy wants YOU positioning YOU with more light in trusting that your ways matter and they will help to lessen the load for others or to carve out ways that bring support to those who feel unstable in these changing times. You may also be having experiences for the purpose of getting you to walk the talk and KNOW the pain that others also need to move out of. Consider that you are carving out paths for others – so do have faith in knowing all your thoughts are manifesting you what you wish things to be. So -- go big with your dreaming and see that the best is on the rise – even if changes come to what you thought would be there for you. Go with this flow but keep steering the next mysterious thing INTO the best solution possible. Go beyond and into new possibilities that are dream come true. It’s time for you to switch lanes and get into a life that values you. Plant that seed and they will find you.


This Solar Eclipse is going to get you finding home again with yourself and with how your system COULD run. You are going to feel like things stop, and the way seems blocked when before you were able to keep things going. This is to be a big 6 months of seeing that the old ways no longer work and that a new flow is in town that needs you pulling back more before you just automatically move forward.

Your feelings ARE going to grow stronger and at times they will overwhelm you because you’ve never felt such confusing things before. You can be fixated into something that is not here yet and that is at a distance, and this can be a source of the heightened feelings. It can have you wanting to take a leap of faith and follow where your heart does inspire you to go. But this time is about moving through the illusion that you feel is written in stone as you create a new path that values your feelings over the ways you have been programmed to think.

You are going to be VERY creatively inspired as you process these deep emotions – and this is a part of the plan! You may feel claustrophobic as to how to change and where to go from here – but through creativity you will transmute the energy into movement in a new direction. So, all the uncomfortable feels are to be embraced as a blessing because they are getting you to show yourself more and to stop hiding because other dominating forces want you to just fall in line. You are going to come alive again AFTER finding ways to not see yourself as a victim, and to have more compassion for the meandering road up the mountain. You are to go through shifts that get you softening how you think things need to be. Allow the tears to open your mind to a new world embracing you. This is when the dead ends show you that you had to be there in order to find this other way that feels like it is a dream come true. You are to be in the mystery of two points eventually connecting, and TRUST that you will be held, loved, valued, and all will come together beautifully.

Use your energy in different ways and be in co-creation with the Great Mystery as you steer things towards the best life ever. Don’t think there is too much to do and no way to do it. THAT is the old world. Re-program your mind to seeing that you are the chosen one who will have all your dreams manifest. Shift your mind to knowing that delays are not a negative thing that needs you worrying. Do what you can to love the ways that you are and to not be your own worst enemy in keeping yourself from really sticking with working towards a better dream.

This also says that you will be integrating more retreat times and connections out in nature SO AS to shut your brain down from always thinking you are too late, or you need to stay non-stop pounding the pavement towards your dreams. Find your flow and life will manifest in a way that allows you to focus more on your creative ideas and less on thinking you aren’t where you want to be. Meditate your way to this new space. It’s about you allowing yourself downtime to unplug and hook into a better vibe steering your life.

There IS change coming, and YES, you can feel it for good reason. But – be with this and flow down the river into where things are sending you. Don’t try to control outcomes. Surrender and learn as you hold visions of magic or miracles manifesting. Don’t be aggressive in getting mad at how things take another journey. Be supportive in knowing YOU ARE LOVED by the Great Mystery, and all of this is getting you into a better position to one day BE where your heart now sees a life for you. As you think of this new mountain, make plans and write out how glorious it COULD be. Stick with using words that affirm what you want to manifest. Change your mental space and what finds you will be dream come true. Don’t go negative and hate on what got you to this current state. See in bigger ways and trust that all the twists and turns will eventually align and get you to this better view. You ARE going places – but first you got to find your faithful voice again and see life from this more hopeful position. Things still in mystery are GOOD -- not bad. Don’t go seeing nightmares just because you can’t see anything just yet. See the beauty in the mystery.


This Solar Eclipse is going to take you to greater heights and really hook you into the group aspect as you will want to make impacts around coming together. You are going to connect into things that get you wanting to live through your creative gifts and to see for ways that will sustain and support you. This energy has flashes of lightning that come over and over as they get you to open to new spaces that before you didn’t even know were there or didn’t think were possible.

This time wants you valuing your place in the world and asserting in a new way through using your voice and talking about things that are exciting to you. This energy grows from what slams you awake, so be curious as new doorways appear that invite you to open your mind to a new view. You also will be thinking about people who are far away from you, and they are somehow getting you to dream for more and to want to step into these new lands.

There will be provocation from what is old world or debt related and this needs you allowing the push to get you to move in better ways as you draw boundaries around how you need things to be. You MAY have kept quiet in your past, but this time pushes you to speak up and to value yourself more in not just taking things and allowing them to be. Whatever comes as friction or a block on your path is to be seen as a blessing that is to inspire you into believing in a solution -- no matter what. If you get fired, you are ONLY to see that you DO have a home in the world and that some magical opportunity is about to fall on your path. You are to steer as if you KNOW there is an upgrade on the rise that will please you. It’s time to see that your purpose is powerful, and you just need to value yourself into this new parallel parking space -- you got to see that you will fit and that the job can be done. Don’t keep escaping because it looks like too much work! You ARE to be reaching into higher lands and there IS to be a leap of faith that needs you KNOWING you are in this to win this.

So – wait for the answer or way to be made known. But wait with faith in trusting that all the good things are available for you. It's time to march to the beat of your own drummer and to leave the fearful spaces that keep you falling in line and giving up on the dreams. If anything empties, TRUST that something will fill it up better REAL SOON. This is the test of your next 6 months where the Great Mystery just wants you seeing for more magical views on how things can manifest. When you really value yourself and know that you have a place with what you love to do, your system aligns to what celebrates that in you – and connects you with the people who will help you expand your dreams.

So, plant these seeds and patiently wait for this new crop to grow. But DO see for the best crop manifesting eventually. You are on a magical mountain that needs you climbing higher than you thought was possible. It’s time to come out of the lines and discover a corner up ahead that changes everything for you. You also will be inspired by any trips out of town or visits with friends. Know that in order to dream for more, you DO need to get out of what is comfortable and away from your normal thing. This deals with coming out of the lines, so don’t be afraid to leap from what no longer sustains the old you. New views provide the faith in risking it all for what your heart feels is the better life for you. This DOES mean you have to lift your feet out of the familiar and plant them in new lands. Just keep dreaming that it’s going to be okay because the energy is listening to how you think things WILL BE. Go bigger than anyone in your past has gone before. See to the farthest point and just keep at it no matter how the path twists and turns.


This eclipse says that your career is going to be very important to you over the next 6 months as you will be discovering changes you want to make to what you thought you would be doing in your past. Much is to reveal that deals with how you have followed along and did what others before you have done. Something about your path will be changing because YOU will be finding a new truth, a new passion, and a new power that fuels you to want to go next level and use your voice in different ways. The thing is, what rising out of you is to be like a volcano that doesn’t give a lot of warnings as to what is about to happen.

So, expect strong emotions to pull at you or to be on your mind when otherwise you would be able to let this go and move on. Now things are anchoring in you SO THAT you face them and do something to bring your voice to situations that now need you drawing boundaries and declaring for a better way. You may be breaking contracts or changing terms because of what is coming from the depths and getting you to chirp about this – like with a smoke alarm battery that is going bad. You too will hear things nudging at you and provoking you to stand up for yourself and do something that brings about change.

This also may deal with things unrequited or with death or debt. Just be with the feelings but also know that you are to be changing a pattern that no longer feeds you. So don’t get down on facing the darkness or complexity of fixing broken systems. See that your way is the best way, and you WILL get to that new plan you want to see put into action. It’s important that you are putting your heart on your sleeve and asserting with what feels like it will bring more joy or happiness to your life.

But the jobs are big and heavy and FULL of emotions coming from many people or ways that WERE thought to be permanent in the past. Now you are seeing that things were temporary, actually – and SO WILL BE the pain or heavy work in setting everything straight. Have one foot in the past as you HAVE to face what needs you showing up -- and have one foot in the ideas of what will come when you finally face this multi-faceted situation. Something needs to be released – and you need to see for the beautiful space this will make. This can be like moving where it’s super emotional to say goodbye – but what you move into is going to be better IF you really use your throat to be clear with your worth and that you are DESERVING of this more loving thing.

You also may be working on new commitments that feel like they are a dream come true. Do be okay if you have to invest in something that you feel is more than you can afford. This energy wants you putting you first and trusting that the rest will follow. It's about seeing the world in a new way and not getting into the scarcity fears of all the worst things that could happen. You are in control of starting a new crop in regard to how the world looks to you – and it needs you clear on your ideas on how you want things to be. Expect to need to talk over what wants you to stay small and following along. Have fun showing yourself as the peacock who KNOWS they will get the sale or seal the deal. It’s time for you to show us a new you who faces the challenges head on and isn’t so quick to escape what needs you standing up for the better way.

There ARE many cords that go from people to things – and there IS a way for you to create new relationships from coming outside the lines and doing them your way. So know – you may have to break things apart at first, but you are being asked to not back down from what you feel you have to show. The situations need you leading them into a better path, and you WILL have to come outside of your comfort zone OFTEN in order to make the new way known. Open your throat and value that YOU get to decide on WHERE you will reside.


This Solar Eclipse is going to bring TONS of change that deals with inspiring you to take a leap of faith into a new path that now feels like it is calling to you. Expect the unexpected and be open for the perfect solution to drop into your consciousness when you are in meditation or out in nature or on vacation. You are being asked to do what you wouldn’t normally do and to go where you wouldn’t normally go. This time wants you taking risks where something inside of you is trying to get you to make this change.

You also may be working on projects or ideas that you want to see grow out in the world. This is when you are to be serious about your soul’s purpose work but to come at it from a new perspective where you are really following something that feels like you were born to do this. You may even let go of old paths or ways of seeing your future that you now see keep you anchored and unable to fly free. Your feelings are growing stronger as they are showing up as a guide that you need to listen to.

The changes of your path deal with you stepping up and sharing what you know, but not from any position that you THOUGHT you would take. Stay open to what comes to surprise you but DO STAY with positive visions on how great things are going to end up. It’s important that you are taking a risk of your heart where you follow what feels best, but where you also surrender and hope that this IS something important and you WILL be protected. Don’t go creating the fears in your mind that others planted or that deal with what you have seen in your past. It's important that your mind is only thinking that you are special and that the Great Mystery is working something magical for you that deals with you walking with faith and not needing certain things to be in place before you leap into this new dream space.

You may even feel lost before you are found, and this IS how it is supposed to be!! You need to accept that your feelings are now taking the lead and it means you don’t really know which way to go. There WILL NOT be physical proof until you believe in the dream and walk blindly until you hit into things. This may feel scary for many of you, but you ARE safe, and you CAN bet on what you are feeling will be your thing. You also may be going in a new direction with your schooling or with stepping into teaching shoes. This is when you are to see a new light forming and to also be VERY disciplined and focused on keeping with this until it manifests. Things around you may be changing positions, but you need to still see for the amazing idea you want to grow into. Don’t fear what needs you seeing it in your mind before it drops into your reality. BUT – this is about things coming out of left field, so expect that you will be amazed and empowered when inspiration finds you. You also may be looping back into ideas you had in your past that deal with combining things that now will fit better or finally make sense. Timing is everything and you are about to see how beneficial waiting is to your dreams.

You may feel like others are inspiring you to wake up to your truth – OR, it will be that something inside of you wants to be seen in a different role where you are believing in yourself in order to step into these new shoes. It deals with coming out of your comfort zone when before you were okay being a wallflower with your creative gifts. Something is to plant a seed that gets you showing your authority over the next 6 months and creating something that IS to spread like wildfire when you finally accept that YOU are what the world has been waiting for. You are the medicine that can help others leap into new dreams and believe that there is something else out there beyond what we think. Your moves will pave the way for others to follow. So, know that what feels risky for you to do IS helping others believe in themselves and in what their own bodies are guiding them to do. We need you showing us the way. Listen to your heart and JUMP up to this higher level. You DO got it in you.


This Solar Eclipse is to get you going deep into your psychological nature to discover where you are needing to let some things go that are keeping you seeing for the negatives in life. There will be pressure and you may want to try to escape from it or self-medicate, but truly you just need to pretend like you are going to the doctor and all the answers and solutions are on the way. It's important that you are open to seeing things that WILL make connections that help you return into an aspect of your past.

There are relationship situations and stories that went down that now need you being clear and full of integrity in how you move through the healing process. You are to make shifts that get you seeing for glass half full and that there IS something out there that will fix this and get it back into a balanced state. You are to be serious about what returns that has hit your love nature and gotten you feeling insecure. Now you are to bring voice to your feelings and to not let other things dominate you into silence or escape mode. Your throat needs to get messages across, and what is heavy, needs to be lifted even if it has the flow and feel of a volcano. Use that image to allow your things held deeply in shame, blame and guilt, to rise to the surface to be transformed into something more powerful and strong FROM the journey that now releases. You ARE changing your tune and it comes from what heals back into another form at this time.

This time is to get you waking up to your value around the wealth of wisdom that you are when it comes to wanting to assist or serve others in ways that bring more joy and life to their bodies. You are to be thinking about your soul’s purpose, and something returning is to get you in it again where you are grateful that you get to do this work. There is to be soul searching around what IS your thing as there is to be a change or upgraded level in regard to what golden nugget you discover while digging deep.

There is a lot of mystery in this energy as if you will be diagnosing things and then waiting for results which will then guide you to other options. But this is all happening to get you seeing for the best, believing that some answer will arrive and that there is nothing to worry about. You are to release the ways you stay fixed in seeing all the sides to the point you see way too many negative things. What you are letting go of deals with people or programming in your past that got you taking on this information that now has you guarded or in fear that it could happen again.

Something about you not processing the healing journey from clashes in your past is also key to freeing you up to having really healthy relationships with others. So whoever comes to mind needs you opening to there being a way to bring peace to what fractures you with focus on an old pattern that has manifested for you before. See that people are mirrors for you to see things about the way you handle relationships and dances with others when you are not really getting your needs met. You are to overcome something at this time and not just allow it to continue on because you have kept quiet for so long. This is when patterns are to be faced, with pieces connecting to things in your past, and they are to be rewired where you start bringing more light to your feelings and to how you think things need to be. You are to step up, speak up, break what has blocked you in the past, and come wildly out of your comfort zone in declaring boundaries and HONEST throat feelings.

You also are to step more into your authority around feeling confident about the healing work you are to do for the world. Something is getting you to feel stronger and more dedicated to focusing your life on others to help make a difference in a bigger way. See that your creative ideas have a place in the world and then do the steps and find the pieces that get you there. It's important that you honor your own healing journey as being the catalyst for you doing work that will affect others OR will change your own personal relationships so that you feel valued for what you bring. Be the change you want to see, and others will follow suit.


This Solar Eclipse is coming at you with a force that is getting you to reconsider your roles in life and with what sort of dreams you give your energy. Things are to provoke you from your roots so that you make shifts and come out of your comfort zone to proclaim your heart or share your upgraded art. But something that squeezes you from another wanting to make changes, or speaking up about their truth, is to be what births this new side of you or desire to do what was being restricted or held back in scarcity.

This also speaks about a new day where you are getting serious about something you love to do and will have plans on getting this to be the world that you see. Be focused over the next 6 months in drawing out these new plans for how others will interpret you and share yourself or be more vocal about your creative gifts. It’s important that you are asserting with wanting to show your creations in a new way that is about having your heart on your sleeve or really being honest about what you love to do.

If you are feeling insecure and not able to connect the dots that get you seeing how to express your new role, just be in the roots of your life and learn from what is shocking you into a new image. This means you may be in healing or will be waking up to how you want to show yourself to the world. It could be that others bounce you around with their changes and it forces you to adapt into something that speaks up in new ways. Things can feel positive, negative AND deeply in limbo, but just believe in yourself and speak from your heart because it somehow is getting these other opportunities to manifest for you down the road.

This is planting season where the next 6 months will bring you what now you dream could be a solution to where you have felt stuck and not sure of how to correct this. You may even be talking stronger and with boundaries that are rising because of new levels of value that you are feeling for yourself. When we start being seen for our art, it does get us to show sides that before were hidden. Some of us get into our egos or go back into our past to try to understand how to navigate these new spaces. But the best way is when you just go forward, are grateful and know that things can change on a dime and flip our worlds into a whole other vibration. The ground sometimes DOES fall away – and it is never what we wish for. But on the mountain of life, there are tests and tribulations that groom us for our authority and get us reaching for new goals, like after being the student and then rising into a teaching position. Things get us to this point and this point is needed in order to get us to future points. You are to let go of polarizing views and settle into trusting that the light will be at the end of the tunnel. You are to focus on seeing that you will shine more brilliantly from what rubs you in raw ways. Think of the raw as really waking you up to your truth and using your voice to present to us in different ways.

Also, something about scarcity is to be released where you learned this way from others and now stay fixated into thinking there is not enough to go around. You are to shift in seeing that someone else planted that seed and it’s not behooving you to think that way when we still are in a magical universe where energy follows thought. This time is to get you really waking up to how you express in defeatist ways BECAUSE of what your past presented you which now you take on as the gospel. It's time to stop seeing for all that can go wrong and to instead see for how blessed you are and that all of this is falling apart in order to come together in a better way. Everything is shifting into your favor – see it and believe it. The skins that you shed were not going to be able to hold your new view on life. Trust this -- and do invest in your bright future.


This eclipse is going to feel pretty intense in that there will be so much to deal with and so much that is moving around and getting you to see for new ways you want to be. This time wants you seeing for the future and staying positive as you work through the heavy loads on your plate, but where you are coming at life from a different perspective. You are to face that healing needs to take place and that these other things can’t stay hidden any longer.

There are fears around feeling inadequate or not good enough with your soul’s purpose work and you are to process these thoughts in brand new ways where you give them wings to fly into a better manifestation. Stop chasing your fears and stop allowing your mind to go negative into thinking out all that can go wrong. It's time to create new levels of stability in your work scene or your day to day THROUGH KNOWING that you are going somewhere and that this venture and leap into new areas WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY.

It's important that you work harder and discipline yourself to staying focused on the steps up the mountain but with mental patterns that lean towards success and all things going beyond your wildest dreams. You are to lean into your creative ways and how you want to be seen as important from what you love to do. You are to keep at rolling the balls forward and not getting worked up in any way from not seeing certain expected things within linear timelines. You are to apprentice with your dreams and to know that you got to stay in it to win it.

Your old ways of cutting yourself down and not really using your voice to be proud of your efforts ARE to transform into a more compassionate view. You are to forgive where you see yourself and others as flawed, as you open to there being some remedy or wisdom that’s a piece yet to be seen. This time wants you letting things go and just trusting the process, but still knowing that you will get to these other lands that will showcase your designs on life and get you moving far and wide with what you were born to do.

You may be working on projects that deal with bringing support in a creative way that loves on the body and deals with reinforcing self-worth. You are to believe in yourself with what you are feeling is a new path for you and that deals with what you love to do. This time is giving you a bit of a start over in that it will feel like seasons are changing and now you are driven to stick with riding the waves that are moving you to see yourself in a different view. The flow will take you up and down into scarcity and abundance, but you are to see something that helps you lighten up your view on what had to happen and was a part of your karmic journey. You are to process and digest in ways that allow you to be a star and to come to some understanding down the way.

If the wave wants you to move, you need to move with it. This time is about expanding you through leaping into efforts that are risks of the heart that FEEL like you have to do this. And where you leap with faith, you WILL have success. But this process teases you to see if you keep going back to old mental patterns that confuse you into thinking you DON’T got a place for your dreams to know success. EXPECT some things to trip you up as a way to get you dreaming with all that you got that it WILL work out. You need to bring more faith to your life and to dancing with the mystery with how it gets you to feel. Your body does not lie, and it DOES GUIDE. Find this flow, with acceptance in how it changes your foundation and ultimate direction -- but see for the joy you believe will be when you get to what your heart sees is a GREAT idea to help you expand your creative dreams. It’s time to move on up and into a new view of a position that allows your truth to lead and brings harmony or balance to the WAYS you do your thing.


This Solar Eclipse is to unlock the door into you valuing your creative ways and things that need you showing up like a proud peacock. You are being asked to let go of the ways you stay hidden because you don’t feel that you offer enough value. This time is to send you on a 6 month journey into finding ways to express and make known all the things about you that you have kept hidden.

This means power is to rise and new sides of your personality are to step into the limelight. You are to give yourself permission to go for more and to seek for love in all that you do. This is about changing patterns that have gotten you to chase what others wanted you to reinforce. So, parts of you are on automatic and they ARE seeing that you DON’T have a place in the world to share what you would love to do. You are to dive deeply into what comes natural to you and let go of trying to fit in when really you just need to give space to the unique things that you do. If you give them attention, they will give you sudden insight into brilliant ideas about how to bring them to manifestation. You are to take magical things and grow them from you seeing that you deserve to live a luxurious and supportive life where others know your name.

You are to dive into ways you use your words to stop yourself from dreaming of wilder things. Within the structure of your wording, you are to discover where you have been holding yourself back from imagining change that could take you to better levels. All this scarcity talk is because you don’t really own your gifts and walk what will get you to the people who are waiting for what you got. This energy wants YOU believing in YOU before you get to see the rewards that WILL smother you with positive attention that values the depth of your wisdom. You may also feel super sensitive around this day where you doubt that you are special as you will see things out in the world that make you feel small.

Trust that this is here as a gateway to get you amped up and fighting for the life you are dreaming can be your reality. You don’t have everything just yet, but to get things, you got to believe in yourself and in your dreams. You have to play more in life where you go outside the lines to just see what is there. It's about you not following along and accepting that anything is enough. It's about asserting towards what feels good in your heart and that helps you feel important and essential in the lives of others. You are to step up on stage or dive into something teaching based where you talk about what you have walked and learned from. This is NOT about copy and paste and what is already out there – get that through your mind! You are to share what you know, but it needs to be authentic in how it hit you to the core or brought you to your knees, where now you are rounding a corner and have gained wisdom from what transformed you.

You are growing things that have passion to you, and for that reason, where things feel blocked, is where you need to open to a new solution. There is to be a better flow in your life that deals with you manifesting stability from your creative ways, and not seeing how hard things may be to accomplish. When you can expect the bounty, your life will become exciting for you to live! You can change the story and you will see things dramatically shift in May. It’s all in you seeing for your own magnificence and NO LONGER being shy and like the wall flower who just let’s others get all the attention.

It’s time for you to see that something in you is special and it needs you more expressive in seeking for elevation through dramatic moves that let the world know who you REALLY are. Get those creative projects into position and work them into place. You ARE to be VERY creative at this time in seeing what needs to be let go of and walking with faith into a path that you can feel will bring you joy. Notice what feels light and what feels heavy and where you now feel stuck in doing what you used to do. Go for light! You also may be getting into new contracts or agreements where others are helping you to face what you kept hidden because you didn’t realize it was so valuable.


This Solar Eclipse is going to reboot you into plans for new ways for life to support and hold you. You will be moving into different spaces as your feelings are guiding you to close doors in regard to things that don’t value you and give you all that they can give you. You will be upping your game in knowing that you deserve these creature comforts and that you can invest in a better day. EXPECT to have to speak up and be clear with your needs around your home or with something in your foundation that is changing because YOU are changing.

You also may be thinking of your creative gifts more and will want to start over in doing what you love to do but from the perspective of abundance and playing with the art of dreaming for more, instead of staying focused into scarcity and all the ways you need to compromise and NOT get what you really need. It's time to reboot you into a new role where you expect things to go your way and are on the wait for others to see you as important. You are growing new crops that are to get you building security so that you can let go more and play, play, play with your creative ways. I keep seeing the word play. There is something important with you not following along how others think you need to stay driven at all hours towards accomplishing some goal, and rather, you need to be more of an artist and live in the organic flows of how you feel driven to express your creative ideas. This IS a fork in the road where there is the option to accept less than and to live with the struggles they force you to walk through, OR, to step into something new and mysterious that FEELS SO RIGHT in your body, and to take a risk of the heart where you feel this opportunity, that is yet to materialize, will be what helps support you into a new role.

You are to focus on how you want to grow something new and be with the plan of manifesting it into reality – but you also are to steer more to your creative ways and to discovering how to support yourself from your creative gifts. This time is to be filling you with tons of ideas -- and they will pop into your consciousness when you least expect it. So be in meditative things where you are surrendering -- but focus on how to beautify your foundation with new solutions that you haven’t yet seen.

You are to dream for a new home or new avenue that values you gracing it space. OWN THAT YOU ARE THE MAGIC HERE. Lean into what you love to do and don’t waffle on looking at all the sides and making yourself small because you talk yourself into thinking you DON’T got a place in the world to be sustained by what is most natural about you. IN FACT – this time wants you surprising us with how you come forward and take control of what you need to grow a secure home base that supports your wildest career dreams.

If you wish for something special and see that you deserve luxurious things, you WILL shift the energy and bring in solid support that turns you into a trampoline with where you dream of being up the mountain one day. So be with the best building supplies and don’t cut corners in the early days. You are to wait until things fit, but you are to say NO to what no longer loves and values you so. YOU are the royalty here and you need to raise your voice in speaking up about what cramps your style and keeps the sun away from your dreams. If you wait, and are patient with the climb, you will align with the people who will see you. Don’t chase it all, but do know waiting with faith that you deserve the best is what gets the opportunities to find you.

ALSO. You are to be showing up with new levels of support for the world. This is when you are to awaken to ways that you can help reveal what you know and have learned along the way so as to help others behind you on the road. You may be thinking about teaching or sharing something to help others feel safe and assisted in walking life in a better way. Go to where your heart guides you to step into a role where others look up to you.


This Solar Eclipse unlocks the door into you valuing your words and creations that are a part of who you really are. You are to find home again in the magic that you are here to share, and to unleash it in a way that is about you FULLY stepping into the confidence that this IS your soul’s purpose path, and it IS time to honor each moment you have so that you don’t allow the opportunities to pass you by. This is when you are to wake with a thud that gets you paying attention to what you can do to step up and be more authentic about who you are and what you naturally do that deals with you coming from the shadows -- and being brave as you do it.

For this reason, expect that you are coming out of your comfort zone to deliver what is deep in your soul, and expect that it is an area that HAS felt stuck or held back in some way. This may deal with you deep in miscommunications with others where the throat has not been used and it’s led to confusion about what is really going on. Do what you can to trust that ghosting is just a part of life and that if there really is a connection, we return when we have the energy to be there for others again. Ghosting doesn’t have to be the end unless there really WASN’T a connection.

Trust this aspect of life and don’t hold yourself back because you are not there for everyone right now – or others are not there for you. Allow a new story to play out about how we all need to heal and be in retreat until we are ready to be there for everything. This time will bring a lot of change into your life where you thought things were blocked and now something comes to show you that you just needed to wait and be patient.

Things are shifting around you so that you learn to go with this new flow and put more energy into asserting when it really feels like it is a yes, and not just because you think you have to go for everything and be grateful that something is here for you. This energy wants to upgrade you into valuing yourself so much that it gets you diving differently into life. Like, where you will make sudden turns and do drastic changes that feel like you have to believe in this mysterious thing. You may feel shuffled about and there will be tons of things that make you curious about what this means, so do what you can to allow meditation and quiet time to be what you integrate into as you discover what the changes bring.

Whatever moves you into this new plan or layout or aspect of your creative gifts BEING what supports you is here to go through a process that is to get you asking for more and being much clearer with ways to value what comes from you. Expect to be VERY creative and to see new ways to come back to old ideas with your work spaces that now needs you pumping up your image or reputation and putting your confidence into being more open about sharing your gifts with the world. It’s about you finding something within that finally gets you overflowing and expressing what is unique and powerful about how you function and are here to influence the world.

Something will be pulled out of you over the next 6 months, and it IS going to be a work of art. Don’t hide what keeps coming to you that needs you being brave in getting it to the light. Your mind has beautiful ideas and visions of creative things, and a shift will take place that gets you agreeing that you WERE born to do this, and it hasn’t come easy because it’s special about you and has needed you to apprentice with its development. What moves around you will be steering you to where you need to be so that things support your throat singing freely. You got magic in you, and it WILL be unleashed for the world to see. Bring poetry to your life and a new vibe with your heart and feelings deciding where things will take you. You DO know where to go and what to shoot for. It’s that real big thing that feels real sweet to imagine living one day.

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