FULL MOON IN LIBRA | 16 April | reading for all signs

The full moon in Libra is going to bring BIG changes.

This is about us really waking up to who we want to be outside of how the old world programmed us and conditions us to be this other way. We are somehow waking up to what got us buying into wrong and at this time its going to have us focusing more on home and what feels supportive in our bodies. It will have us noticing how incorrect things are so that we start over and begin doing things where we show more love and care to seeing for upgrades on what was created incorrectly.

We wont be so scared of what controls us as now we are thinking about family and coming together to create a new tapestry to hold things in better ways. You are the one in power when you make choices on what to buy and who to support. Your vote matters when you say no to what is killing the planet and yes to what helps things grow. Your piece is important and its time to start stepping up in life where you are assertive and brave in showing others the best ways to be.

And LEARNING that path from walking through confusing situations with others where you DO have to come out of your comfort zone to disappoint them or let them down. When we seek for our path and our truth, it often will mean we have to upset another who wishes we would stay on their side of things. But this time wants you letting go of waffling in not knowing how to show your truth because it means you have to step out of line and do something because your heart is telling you to. Just believe in yourself and go towards what feels best in your body to do. Your mind will have many reasons to confuse you as you wont want to be seen in a negative light. But you can trust-- this is always going to be the risk when you go for your hearts desires. We see some people win and some people lose and on the road of life we learn how both people feel.

So do for you and step into a new role where you bring beauty and truth to your relationships with others. Start over in how you greet the world, and it will greet you in new ways too. Wake up to your power and choose for the best view. Be and you will see.



This full moon may hit you raw and get you feeling confused about your place or your role in the world. You may be challenged by others who are wanting you to stay the same, while inside you know you want to figure things out and start asserting your life in a new way. You are being asked to be brave in doing what feels natural to you and that you may part ways with others because someone or some thing is not really supporting you the way you need. And they are affecting you because something about how you were conditioned to be thinks you are to hide your truths so as to not make a stink.

This energy is wanting you to show yourself in a different way but where you are going towards peace and away from war. Things will feel heightened in your body as a way to help steer you with integrity towards new support systems that you don’t have to fight into place. This is about you seeing that you deserve to be handled in better ways where things feel harmonious. Your moves are what gets things back into balance – but other people will move and confuse you so as to get you looking for a solution. See that your relationships now are in a test to see if they please you – and remember that you deserve more love and joy in your life. You deserve to be around others who help you shine brighter and who hold the step stool out to help you rise higher. Its time to make changes – and to stop waffling – with certain people and how they don’t give you what you need. You have permission to make strong decisions protecting your space and holding grace for how you want your life to be.

You are being gifted a start over energy that needs you giving care to your body and also your feelings. Its about you tuning more into different flows that are here now for you to make changes to your path. You need to be meditating more and being silent as you process situations that then will be moved upon. Your instincts are flipping out of quick assertion and into contemplative soul movements. This means you may now be noticing all the sides and all the butterfly ripple effects that may be. This is to help you be a better leader where you are not just doing because you are addicted to staying busy and keeping with your career or project goals. The changes in you and how you reach for things is going to have you transforming your view of where you want to go and what you want to be doing to make a living. There is something here that says you are to be working more with others where you help them to discover a new balance with home and work and how to intuit the best ways to be. You ARE to be writing new stories on how the world works and what is needed to be sane as the meandering path reveals. You are to transform the climb up the mountains. Out with old and in with the new.

Friends or associates are going to be the catalyst in getting you to realize your importance and that you live more of a creative life. They are to be what helps you stand up stronger in believing in your gifts. You may be forced to take some lead or to show up where you take a risk of the heart to do what you love to do. There may also be a return where you come back to some old role realizing that now this is where you want to be. Whatever is in your heart is going to get louder, and what you need is going to provoke you into making surprising moves that others don’t really expect of you. Its time to come out of the lines and show that your idea on things is changing. Embrace this start over energy and see that it is never too late. You are never too old for love and for your dreams to become your reality. Go bigger and show your upgraded new views on things. It’s okay to change – or to change back. Your heart knows and trusts the way.


This full moon is all about getting you to fully surrender and allow healing to take place before you move forward in this different way. You may feel like you want to get up and do but your body will keep pulling you into silent spaces and alone moments for you to still process what is causing you to not feel well or to not be strong enough to break through the obstacles like you used to. Something about your path is being changed for you as it is coming from far and wide, but its getting you to step up and start over in how you share things or ways that you communicate your gifts or interests.

A rebirth is being thrust on you, which means there may be uncomfortable moments forcing you to come out of your comfort zone, but know, this is you getting to reinvent yourself and start over in creating a foundation to hold you and be what is your souls purpose to be. Its time for you to shock us with changes or ways that now we see you differently. But these inspired changes are to rise from the ways you are stopped and pulled back and forced into other feeling areas. So embrace the retreat and do not think you are the judge of how things should be moving along. Just consider that healing is taking place in your body like with a broken ankle. When you don’t feel like going and you only feel like flowing, be okay and trust this. There are ways you are to be growing more powerful FROM what comes to you during these down times. They are multipurposed and they are to correct the way you assert yourself in life through getting you to feel all sorts of mysterious things.

You also may feel super raw and uncertain and will be full of doubt or regret with moves from your past. Do not worry about how wrong you got it before because it was there for you to not yet get right. This time is to amplify you to being a better person through things like compassion and forgiveness, and we must see how wrong we got it in order to forgive others for how wrong they get things too.

So allow what rises to be here, but handle things with grace and a higher tone of processing them. Don’t continue to go low or to dissect in mean spirited ways. See that we all mess up and we need each other believing in each other so as to heal this planet. You are learning to be more cosmic and with spirit and trusting and allowing big pictures to play out even when some of the pieces are not what you want to see. Its about going with the flow and trusting that what is here is here for you, but also its moving along quickly. Nothing is staying the same. So learn a new way to dance with the mystery so that you love the changes and uncertainty and aren’t gripping to all of the fears of the past painting the same story that you KNOW you are ready to rise above and transform. Be brave as you work to create your new world because it WILL go against what others believe to be the best. This means you WILL come out of the shadows in some way.

Give more care to your home and to the way things surround and support you. There is the need for self-care and for changes that happen because you just feel like you need to do these things. You are to honor your body and listen to how some things just don’t feel okay. You may start noticing that the computer is too much for you or leaving the internet on at night is frazzling you. You are to take steps that place you as royalty and deserving of the best care, and that means you need to look around at what goes against you getting the deep beauty sleep. Your home needs to be beautiful and comforting. Do what needs to be done and create spaces for creativity or the more fluid exchange of artist or body movement expressions. Move rooms to suit you, not to suit what rooms are supposed to be. Turn the dining room into the living room and turn the living room into your art or dance studio. Make changes of locations so that you can feel a sweet and excited flow when you are in them.

Its time to write a new plan about what holds you and how you feel moved to then show yourself in a different way. Allow these seeds to sprout and display. Timing is everything and you will know when its time to go and grow. Surrender and see only the best. It’s time to do things your way.


This full moon is to get you dreaming in a way where you think of the group or the bigger picture – but it comes from you not waffling with what your heart is telling you. You ARE to be coming out of the bounds and not doing what others maybe would do. But with your heart speaking, and a return into romance or love of something, you have to understand that it does mean you will make a stink or not do the conventional thing.

Just know, the missing link is that you are to bring beauty and truth to what you reveal from your heart, but you also are to be assertive with how that moves you to make changes for you. This is about you waking up to wanting to experience more light in your life and wanting to have excitement and what makes you feel alive. To be stagnant in something because its not following your heart, is not an okay way to be. You are to be waking up to your importance and to how much that DOES need a say in what you would like to next create. Know that you are in a space where you are to focus on all of your wildest dreams. You are to give all of them space to become something greater and to rebirth into things that grow bigger. Your heart is to pump up like someone in love and to see through those eyes as you then wish for all the greatest things to come true. Do not take this lightly!! This is a gateway where your wishes are being heard and you need to order your next year through your positive thoughts of today.

You are dealing with tons of heavy baggage that could have you feeling insecure about which way to go. You are to learn from what you face, but to still keep pushing towards valuing yourself and going towards what you love. This time is bringing pressure so that you step up and step into using your voice in different ways. Where you do draw sharp boundaries and speak clearly about what your needs are. You are to transform the ways you dance with deeply entwined challenges that would have dominated you into a certain way. Now, you are to face things and still stand up for yourself if it doesn’t feel right. You are to see yourself as important of speaking what you feel and how you need things to be. So expect something to try to dominate you, but stand brave in showing up with authenticity. You don’t got to tap dance and be what others want you to be. Its time for you to be there for you and to just see how that gets you to creatively express your truth. Give care and support to valuing yourself.

This also should be a really creative time where you are to be thinking of your natural gifts and what could sustain you. There are ideas in you that need patience and love in order to get them sprouting and becoming something that supports you. So remember that outer forces can make you feel like you are limited or need to believe in old scarcity stories. But don’t go there! Its time for you to start over in what you believe your life can be and what new plans you are dreaming of now that need you in it to win it but also in for a long journey that isn’t just cut and dry. This means new soil has to be worked and then seeds planted and then seeds supported to grow. What you are planning now is important and it’s a big job. But you got it in you. And when your voice does truly speak and reach out to a heart’s desire, you WILL find home, and you will see that all the hard work was worth it. You are learning a lot right now and its about clear throat, doing it with integrity, being honest about what you feel and what your dreams are, and taking a risk of the heart that you know will bring you more joy. Be like a child and dream that all is possible. You are in magical energy that is matching your desires.


This full moon is to get you really noticing what is not okay in your life and to also get you growing in these new lands that require you transform and let go of confusion around your roots and what is going on with your home world or feelings of security. This is when you are to really feel extra sensitive and alerted by what is no longer doable for you in regard to what sort of role you want to have and to be what supports you.

You may be feeling like you need more down time or will need to do things that support you feeling safe and secure and in a healthy flow in life. You will be working on bringing balance to where now your body is speaking and telling you to go. This is when you are to awaken to a new plan on how you want your outer world to look for you. And it means there can be abrupt changes where you suddenly now want to go in this other direction and are finally really listening to your heart and allowing that to be the lead no matter what. Its about you taking over more as a leader and putting yourself out there in that position even if it requires you be brave to do this.

This time wants you taking over and creating things in a new way where you DO get to start over with the story of how you want your life to be moving. And it requires you do things that take you out of your comfort zone and into something that goes out of the lines and towards a dream that feels better in your body. This is when you are to tune to your gut and to the ways it has always been speaking to you. You may be taken back into old patterns and things you learned that now provoke you to awaken more to your self-value and to needing to put yourself forward from really honoring how kickass you are and how far you have come. Its about seeing that the storms are not destroying you and actually they are making you work harder at finding ways to live through your creative gifts as you seek for a world that is about doing what you love to do and not just chasing old world dreams.

This is when you are to make a decision around your home or where you live or with what supports you. But you are to not waffle as you are to let go of pros and cons and know that when something is really right, you don’t even consider the pros and cons because you know this is your thing and this is where you next want to be. So allow your body to show you the best way and be patient as you wait with high worth in knowing you are the best home to land into. So you deserve to be treated with care and things that are upgraded and in some way really facilitating your growth into greater lands. Things are to come that are to be like a trampoline for you and they are to be the new life you start going for. What leaves you confused or doubtful of which way to go is where you aren’t to be or aren’t yet ready to leave. When its time to go you will know. So process the confusion in higher ways where you allow it to be -- KNOWING you are on the hunt for a solution and WILL detective your way through the crime scene.

Bring beauty and harmony to what YOU need, and the rest will follow. This may mean you are taken deeply into your past memories and will make connections that open you to feeling stronger emotions about what has controlled you or what has been unrequited and kept you locked in some pattern. Be open with what you see and awaken to how it is getting you to reinvent yourself and to put that real person forward. The forces are working to get you out there and in some better form that comes from a squeeze from others. Memories and people around you are provoking you to grow up and get damn serious about what graces your spaces. My love, you deserve the best.


This full moon is asking you to let go of what you thought you knew and open your mind to a whole other world unfolding around the ways you are surrendering and trusting the process. Around this time something comes to the light and shows you another path that needs to be considered. This may feel like a fork in the road, but it really is clear that one way wins over the other. This means there will be change and that seats are moving around so that you can start creating a foundation that supports you and helps you to start over and reach for new career gains.

Ways that life has been stuck are starting to move again and someone or some idea that is out there far and wide is where you are wanting to now bring this in closer. This means your mind is off shooting your arrow into some dream and your body now is yearning for what you hope will SOON one day be. Many of you are close to a big shift that shows a new tapestry is here to hold you and get you dreaming in new ways. This is about finding the best support that allows us to keep it real and share the true ways that we are. When we don’t have support, we tend to be a bit of a fraud and to fake our way through experiences. With support, we have confidence to keep it real and do our thing.

People are coming to help you be clear with your creative voice and to amplify it so that you open to expanding your reach and showing us a different side of who you are. This will deal with taking a leap of faith and being brave as you assert into new lands, but know, it’s time. And there is no need to be wishy washy and to keep yourself limited and stuck in confusion tossing things around in your brain. There is a way you want to assert, and you don’t need to know all the answers, and there is no way to know what this will entail, but you got to be the fool card and just trust your gut as you live the art of life in an upgraded and foreign way. What is unique and unfamiliar is where you are to reach for and keep going until you land into what does feel like home. You are working for home, but you may have to leave a home and feel in limbo for a bit before you land into the new space.

This is just to keep you dreaming and believing and not getting so much instant gratification that you take things for granted. This is about making you work through spirit to bring your dreams to reality, but to know that it takes this risk of the heart. You also are to be coming together in collaborations or agreements or where contracts are being considered. Use this time to use your mind to paint things with stories that talk about how divine this all will be. Your words or creations are powerful tools that are here to be owned by you and where you assert with more confidence in sharing things. Don’t waffle so much that you don’t take opportunities that are here to get you showing up. This energy wants you stepping stronger and with clarity in how others are moving you to step up. So, they are the catalyst in getting you to show sides that you maybe used to think you were not allowed to do.

Give extra care to doing things like mediation and hiking and being alone to have no thoughts or ideas going on. Its important that you are integrating more silence so that you can hear your authentic voice and recognize what is asking you to risk it all and believe in certain things. Others can cloud you of truth – but mediation will open the way again. You need to take this seriously because its part of the key in getting your words to come more freely and to really start going towards what FEELS right. You are on the move and things are opening to show you way more than you thought before, so allow your heart to speak, your gut to lead and your feet to move you swiftly to higher lands that soon will be inviting you to enter. There is more and your mind can trust that this change is for the good.


This full moon is going to offer you a HUGE turning point where finally you will be landing into some golden nugget that transforms your space and gets you going towards the light. It means you will be turning some corner where the base energy changes and something connects or falls into place that allows you to now see from this different view. This is similar to going through a long cave of death or being on the healing journey, and then where the clouds suddenly lift away and the sun shines again.

So know, even if you are deeply in the debt of life and contracts or arrangements with others that seem too bound to break apart and make better, something IS finally coming to get you dealing with the darkness and putting plans around how to clean up the backed up mess. Your energy is to be changing where you are the phoenix rising as the stronger being who doesn’t hold fear anymore because you have already seen the worst. You also may be facing addictions or old patterns that now you will be able to see are keeping you from joy and true happiness. A lot is to be revealed at this time and it is to keep you moving in the direction of perfecting your form and not allowing yourself to fall into unhealthy habits that are using all your money and keeping you from really being able to have a clear voice/clear energy to manifest your dreams. Its time to transform and start showing the world that you have changed.

There also may be shifts with your relationships of where you are thinking of wanting a new mate or renewal with your current partner where there is more passion and romance. As you work to heal what keeps you wanting to escape reality, the more you are going to be tuning into your heart and wanting more than you have had in your past. It can make you hyper aware of wanting to share your space with people who really value you and hold you as this special gift. The shifts occurring are to place you with people, even from your past who are returning, and to show you that you DO need them and you CAN come together better FROM the distance or time away.

You may be regretting things that you did while in the healing journey and they relate to your creative offerings or something that is what is a natural gift. Something may have fallen away and now it will start to grow again from being underground and not showing for some time. What has been pulling you back is what needed to be there for you to make some soul healing discovery about what you DO deserve and that you ARE better than any old memory of others not treating you with care.

This time wants you starting over in seeing that there is a place for you and that timing is everything! This is about getting you to trust in spirit more and to allow healing to be non-linear but always in support of getting you to the places as quickly as possible. You may feel often that you have energy and then don’t and then do and then don’t – as in some pattern is changing and not offering such consistent states. This is a sign that the big work is taking place and that your new form is about to start showing up more. It is the dark before the light. So BE WITH GREAT HOPE and allow your new and unusual flows to be the okay way as you embrace the mystery and how it pulls you into going deeper and slower with life. There is something for you to discover, and it comes during down time when you think you are late and not where you want to be. From this extreme darkness you will push on through and see a whole other world start to manifest for you. So give your energy to seeing all the magic that is going to come. Don’t let this time defeat you! It is MAKING YOU and getting you ready to come out on the stage and perform a better second time around. Face the dark and see for the light that will come from you finally dealing with this. You got it in you to rise above this.


This full moon is to be when you really start waking up to wanting to step into a different role in how you interact with others. You may be wanting to reinvent yourself or to step higher with something that now you feel is no longer feeding you or supporting you to grow into better things. You may be having to make a move that deals with you standing up for yourself and using your throat to come out of the lines in what you were allowing to just be a part of your relationships. Where you have committed and said you would do, you may be thinking again and wanting to re-do something better.

This is really just saying that you are growing from what has been causing you to feel insecure and not so confident with your place in the world. From this squeeze, you are to start seeing the schooling of life and how you really are learning to love yourself no matter how anyone else treats you, and to see that feeling out of place is really just getting you to awaken to and redesign what you need your place to be. It is the discovery of what is your truth. You are to be brave in your dealings with others and to not waffle so much on thinking about how you want to be seen or want to be all peace, love and light. You can feel confused because you want to be bold and direct and making more of a force with your energy.

This moon wakes you up to seeing that its time for you to think more about you and less about what others think of you. Its time to focus on asserting from what feels good in your body no matter how programmed you have been to be this other certain rigid thing. You are to give focus to what groomed you to be and to allow a transformation to take place where you decide to start over and rebuild something that is going to hold you.

With the ways you are wanting to be a different force for others to see, you also will go deeply into your roots to understand what you allowed to be. This means you are facing how others wounded you into this position and now you are going to want to uproot and start seeking for a different world to hold you. This means you will have new goals on how you want to be with your career and to see it sustain you. You will be thinking about wanting to make a difference and to find a place in the world that recognizes what you most love to do.

Friends and associates are key in being what provokes you to show up stronger. This means they may be teaching you through the school of hard knocks -- and that is okay! Whoever is provoking you at this time is working for spirit in getting you to wake up to what you really want to do in life – that is not based on what your foundation taught you to do. Something needs to flip out of position and into a new flow that is based on you NOT showing up confused and instead showing up knowing there is a solution, and even if you don’t have it yet, it IS there somewhere.

This energy is to expand you to new ways of dealing with what feels like a rigid path that you must take. Its about you planting more faith and hope that all things will work out just fine if you keep with them and trust the journey towards harmony. This is about accepting that things may not always go our way, but it doesn’t mean its hurting us in the long run – its just moving us into looking for another way that is LIKELY 100% better for us to take. You are being asked to accept that there are forks in the road that need you following what feels best in your body, EVEN IF it feels like a risk of the heart. Its time for you to lead on what you feel and to KNOW you got a home in the world with what you would most love to do. You are supported when you choose from the heart and allow yourself to be guided by your body. The mind doesn’t know enough to play a part.


This full moon is asking you to stay fluid and to not need to know everything! It will bring a gust of wind that gets you with too many thoughts and ponderings to the point you have to surrender and just let it go and allow the moments to move along and to eventually provide you with the answers. It is asking you to spend more time meditating and not so forcefully trying to get to understandings on all that is going on and all that things may mean. It wants you to pull back into your truth and get you a little uncomfortable so that you see yourself with clarity and not just with a front that hides your feelings or stays confused in interpreting what your feelings even mean.

There are ways that you have not allowed your truth to come to your consciousness and this time is when memories or new perspectives come to help you see how you maybe need to be moving into a new path or role where you show up in a changed way because of what you have seen. In the retreat of your mind, where you are dissecting new things in new feeling ways, you are to discover that you need to change. The patterns within your day to day and with running your things are due for an upgrade FROM WHAT you discover in the down time that gets you feeling like something is wrong with your foundation and with what was supporting you.

This can be with you having new goals around where you want to go and how you want to make a bigger impact with your career. What comes to you is to cross the bridge and bring you to understandings that help you move along in a new way. So things have to connect and people and time have to come together – but when you get hit, you are going to fly into some new home creation and design of what you want to rebuild that gets you feeling like you want to be creative with your time and doing things that feel like you are in love.

A renewal is set from ways you apply discipline to new paths and this is going to be what gets you AMPED into something that feels like you were born to do it. You must wake to the pieces of your puzzle, but more are coming quickly to get you knowing you are ready to show yourself in a different way and to step into some other role that really feels like it makes your heart sing. You are going for all the love and all the best that you deserve. So you need to keep your thoughts and eyes on the farthest point as you pay attention to this moment now in creating what one day will be. You are working magic now and you need to do what feels right and go towards apprenticing and asserting towards what will give you opportunities to be an authority with a voice clear in presenting what is in your heart.

You also will feel pressure around what holds you because it is testing you to go through the healing process in accepting that things are fractured and they need a new way to be so that they can be brought together better. You are to put yourself forward in being the light in others lives – seeing that your heart and soul are making a difference in helping to bring the peace – instead of allowing the division. This can have you reaching out to friends or old work mates and seeing with more compassion in your eyes to the point you do want to be the light in seeing if there is something there again returning as something better. Things are to inspire you to show up as this glass half full sort of person who expects the sunlight to shine their way. So expect that all things will go in your favor and show yourself as what you learned along the way. Its time for you to move into peace that truly does fill your heart with more reasons to see how blessed you are and that you can trust the great mystery that moved you to seeing with compassion when before you only saw war and division. My love, you are changing for the better!


This full moon is to be when you really let go of worrying so much about your place in the world and instead get back into this moment and into what feels like you love doing this sort of thing. Attention needs to come back to you and inside your heart where you can make decisions from the point of feeling full already – and not needing confirmation before you feel complete.

Things are shifting within your value system from you really facing death and the fears of life. From all that you dive deeply into, and not run from or try to just intellectualize your way through, is where you are growing a stronger voice in wanting to be creative and to play more in life. But you find this eutopia from checking out on confusion around your place in the world and instead just create and be and love the daily things and this WILL usher in the change that brings the solutions and upgrades to where you want to see yourself growing and sharing more of what you know.

People are going to be on your mind and especially those who are far away from you or who you haven’t connected with for some time. This energy is opening your heart and in doing that you may be seeing other perspectives or other sides to things so that it gets you wanting to forgive and move on and not stay fixated in confusion when we really are all just wounded and needing others to believe in us and give us second chances. This is when things return to you, and you do get another opportunity to try to walk the bridge into something that brings healing or balance to old confusions or miscommunications. This is when you are to connect and work to create more beauty. You are to see that there is a way and that speaking from your heart and really tuning into yourself is what will draw in opportunities that bring more purpose to your relationships. Things are connecting again and your heart on the sleeve plays a HUGE PART.

Also know that you are to bring more care to the ways you are dealing with tangles with others where you feel like they dominate you or something programmed you to be this way. Be more supportive with yourself and don’t blame and shame things into the dark where they stay hidden. Its time to start over in how you handle the depth of life and how it pulls you into strong and fixated emotions where you then see fault. This is when you are to play more with going deep into the death and debt of life and to still see for the bright future or what comes around some corner that WILL eventually bring clarity to things. Its when you are to hold one foot in the drama and the other foot in hope for the understanding that will one day come from this. Its when you are to heal ways that you sabotage your journey by thinking the worst or staying focused on the fears of all the nightmare things that could potentially be.

Expect that something gets you to move your throat and to express something that was hidden or where you were forced to follow along because of the old world ways. This is where something has grown cold and bitter in you, and it needs to be upgraded at this time where you are being more loving and truthful in sharing whatever your throat wants to express. Its about transformation around your creative gifts where you are doing it because you love it -- instead of doing it because you want to make money from it. Shift your perspective and your creations will grow! Its easy at this time to welcome in the bounty, but its got to come from a compassionate heart that was focused on the good it could do for others and not the goods it could provide for you. Make the shift and you will see luxury that DOES support you. This is a change of energy that is manifesting from the ways you are changing how you treat what is valuable about you. Microwave yourself to the front of the line and we wont be happy with how you taste. Go slow and steady, but with love leading every step you take. Love your things and they will love you. Magical connections are happening now.


This full moon is all about getting you to let go of some way you have been thinking of your career and how things need to be so that you feel settled and okay. Its about finding a new path that starts now and that deals with you being brave as you show yourself in new ways that deal with building yourself better and now wanting to influence in different ways.

You will be appraising your career path and the view you think you need the world to be for you. You will also be more in tune with your body and with the rest and care that you now know you need to make space for. Things are coming to you, and they are to position you in a new home or path that deals with you sharing the depth of what you know and working to get you into a new role where you are focused more on offering support. Some sort of shift takes place with what you were thinking about with your career and how now you will let that go and start thinking another thought. It may deal with you valuing yourself more and deciding to push forward with that energy – instead of seeing how out of balance the world is and how you think you have to tap dance to be successful and seen. This energy says that something inside of you coming to the light is what will BE what gets you seen. Its something hidden and deep and been in the works for some time. So allow our things to grow slowly but to be steady and sure as you keep working for their arrival.

You also will be starting over with some relationships or with people who can help you. Some shift is bringing people who agree with you and that are showing you that you are supported for the unique ways you are now wanting to share. You may also be facing issues with your mother or with your roots that now will call you back into showing up for them as your older and wiser self. Expect corrections and a new drive getting you to want to create the peace and work to facilitate harmony. This energy is about getting you to show up where heavy loads need you, and to do it in a different way where you show that you are here to help make things better. And not worse. Its time to see that broken bridges can be healed again and its best to not wait for others to take the lead. In order to start over and reboot, which is the gift of this time, you have to assert into what feels right, and you know that fighting does not feel right. You may provoke on the way to healing, but do know, its YOU who makes the excellent moves at this time towards surrendering and accepting and doing your best even when others are failing. Its you that you need to pay attention to – and its NOW that a new path needs to be decided as the way.

This is a great time to move your furniture around and to pay attention to the feng shui! All the ways you walk in a normal way are to change and your moves get them into better place. So play with color and design and even do drastic moves that you wouldn’t usually consider. Bring in the new and show it that your ideas have changed and the world you are wanting to see grow is now a mountain beyond the one you thought was for you in your past.

Expect to feel extra emotional around what is wrong and right and for it to play a part in helping you create a better foundation to hold you. If you feel stuck, you likely are on the wrong path or idea about things. This just means you need to slow down and feel your way to the solution that will feel like you are being called to do this. Otherwise sit in what feels wrong until it shifts KNOWING this time is bringing it to the head for you to face the fork in the road and DO what feels best FOR YOU. When mama feels okay, everyone else will feel okay. Make your security a priority and nurture yourself into what you want to be for the world. Don’t stress yourself to fit into what is already out there. Design a new you and show us another view. It’s time for things to flip.


This full moon is asking you to let go of the confusion you have about how to get your things out there far and wide. You are to be more assertive in just doing the work because you love it and putting focus on your creative gifts from this compassionate position of being at one with your art. You are to not spend time wondering about the climb, and instead you are to go step by step, go with the flow and accept that corners come, and corners go, but NOTHING stays the same. So it makes no sense to waffle around how to get to where you want to be, but clearly the signs are saying that you need to be here in this moment and giving attention to what is around you and HOW it is making you feel. Focus is going towards you learning to stay with glass half full thoughts as you work to see things manifest. It means you have to surrender and let go and just allow life to surprise you. Things are wanting to catch you off guard so that you can learn to be at peace as the stories unfold and guide you to reach for new things.

You may be dealing with something health related that pulls you into needing more self care BECAUSE you need to rewire and get into this different flow. There is the need to make you more mutable so that you don’t get so down in thinking things aren’t going your way JUST BECAUSE the journey looks different from others. But all down time is prepping you for a reboot that will feel like a rebirth REAL SOON. As in days to weeks.

This is when something about you is to start over and start telling us all a new story on who you are. Its about you waking up to wanting to understand where you came from and how you want to rewrite it from the perspective of someone who has overcome what broke them down. You will have STRONG feelings in wanting to show others the truth of who you are. This will motive you to create better disciplines and to keep working at goals that get you to show up different. You may even be changing your physical looks in some way or will want to share your more vulnerable sides. The energy wants to wake you out of a slumber so that you can get ready to step into a new role that deals with you following your souls purpose and not letting go on working to get to what REALLY needs you believing in you.

Things are changing all around you and seats may not stay the same. So you need to believe in yourself as the waters move you to new positions that will support you. This time now can have you in a bit of a limbo as you let go of fears about what is to come. Its time to allow more freedom and to be okay taking leaps of faith that have no proof until you actually take them. Your life is to be getting a bit more unstable FOR THE POINT of getting you to find a better stable space. All the change is to get you learning to just trust the great mystery and hold on tightly. There is to be magic that comes from the retreat or states of limitation, and in some way, it IS to set you free in how you climb your next new mountain.

You are being asked to work on ways you want to get your creative gifts and writing or projects out to the world. Now is when you should have heap loads of ideas and ways that you would like to broadcast what you are all about. Make sure to go towards what is not already out there and value what naturally comes to you as ideas on how to create or make website type things. Be assertive in knowing your ideas are good and what comes to you when you are meditating ARE the best ways for you. Your design needs to change, and it will be divinely inspired to do so. Free your mind, surrender to spirit to guide you, and the rest will follow. You can trust this meandering road of yours.


This full moon is SO IMPORTANT! This is when you really wake up to seeing that you have to do the work and face your fractures and make peace with what was done wrong to you in your past. Its when you are to face the demons and also how they have unraveled you and gotten you to do things that now you seriously regret.

You may even notice that you are rapidly healing – as if you can sense a big change in the future that would demand you do it anyway. For this reason, be with what yanks you into scarcity fears or feelings around certain things that make you want to hide from them or shame them away. Get in the habit of wanting to face things head on and don’t be scared to look at what is debt and dark and too complex to figure out. The real point is that you don’t have to figure anything out as you wont come to any new level of safety from figuring things out before they are really figured out in reality.

This energy wants you going into things with a new mind in going slow through the process and awaiting the final prognosis. But also, in going to these places, you will be facing where you did not use your throat to declare your boundaries and where now there are issues to clean up because of how much stronger you are feeling and ready to show yourself in a new way. From facing something darker and deciding to finally start putting things into a better order, you will grow a solid and secure system that now is moving ahead and getting out of scarcity fears from your past.

This is all about how your past has gotten you to create a path – that is not your truth. And we must release you out of the stories of your past so that you can start writing a better story about all the luxury and support that surrounds you. We have to wake you up to your own heart and value system so that you can wire yourself again to remembering that there are mountains upon mountains for you to choose for to climb. There is not just one. There is more, and there are solutions to every step that confuses you now on how you could possibly do something.

Its time to see that you can do what you dream, and you have a powerful home in the world when you believe in your creative gifts and what you most love to do. You are to put ALL your energy into being creative and using your throat in new ways to express what is most natural about you. Its time to show yourself more and to be the opposite of your sign in that you work to find balance and stability THROUGH facing the details of what needs your attention now. This time is calling you to stand in your truth and to also face whatever is here with a brave heart. You matter and its time to assert and show more of what is your power. Draw boundaries with others around what does not feel good or what feels like you are being held back into the reactions of your wounds – and not the new reinvented version you are working for now.

Let go of the shame, blame and guilt and write a new story about how efficient you are walking your life with more discipline around taking care of your body and what it needs to feel at home in the world. Where you invest, you will grow a new pattern that will be fixed and there for you when you need it. Know that this new crop is going to provide from what you now are planning for it to grow into. Face each idea that is blossoming now with attention on your own heart and what would most make you happy. Its time to make you the priority and for YOU to be the one leading us a certain way. Design your new life and know that this will grow. Be with luxurious thoughts for all that is JUST about to start manifesting for you. LOVE your way to your new future. And see that love awaits and that people and projects are soon to be what supports you in amazing new ways. Plant your love trees now! You deserve what your heart wants to see grow. Clear your throat and GO for it.

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