oh hello WEDNESDAY! Be a conscious gardener!

4 AUGUST 2021


Expect to be busy today and for things to feel a bit bigger than normal. We are very chatty, and people will want to connect and talk about the ideas of similarity. Many of you are thinking of a new move or risk into something that feels good to you. This is you using your body to design a new story on how things can be. Surround yourself with people talking about the hope because you also can run into those who are in dire situations and seeming like they are drowning in the energies. Your job is to just see that they WILL get it together eventually, just like you have and are doing. We come face to face with drama that can have us thinking we are all doomed and there is no way that dreams can manifest. But we also can come face to face with people who are really excited in thinking some leap of faith will pay off. You may have new ideas for the execution of a creative project – when before you didn’t see this at all. Expect a surprise where there IS suddenly a way even though recently the path was blocked. The foundation is changing because in a deep way you are realizing you ARE a co-creator with Spirit – and that which you talk about and surround yourself with IS GROWING. Be the conscious gardener and emit what you want to see become your reality. Your inside words and views MATTER. Don’t cut yourself short because others cut themselves short. Follow the empowering leaders.

  • MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Neptune.
  • MOON DEGREES: 23 Gemini to 4 Cancer
  • MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

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