oh hello THURSDAY! All the feels!

5 AUGUST 2021


Good morning sweet beauty! Now be aware that many of you are about to move into a space of feeling utterly fed up with things that are shifting into a better place. It can have you acting out and wanting to kick things that are in the way. This deals with feeling that you aren’t safe and secure, and you will be DONE with the scarcity mentality that holds you in the fear of what could be. Do know that many of you hit rock bottom today and finally retreat into the bathtub or into the kitchen to cook what you really want to eat. When IN these places, where you support your sanity and take care of your body when you don’t want to be out there and being something for everyone else, you do quickly fill up with some sort of clarity that moves you into a better state. This can feel like a smoke alarm day where you just need to listen to what it is getting you to change in regard to what you were planning on doing. Work may feel tedious today because you just want to be home and alone and doing your own thing. I recommend that you listen even if it doesn’t make sense, or you don’t have the time to rest and NOT be pursuing money or stability. Realize that the retreat will fill you with the answers and the new view of the bridge you need to cross. Two weeks ago, I hit my rock bottom where I stopped completely because the pressure of emails and people reaching out in certain negative ways was making me hate my career and not want to do this anymore. When people are drowning their voice can be intense – and many are in this space and reaching out for others in ways that DO push us away. And to keep from losing my mind I shut it all out and decided to do what I wanted to do. So I moved all my furniture and got into this energy as if I was just moving in. It totally amped up my excitement for my spaces and what I want to do with my career. I also then within days manifested an awesome support team that works with big brands, and KNOWS how to handle the position I am in. AND my hummingbird friends came back! People had said they thought they would find me again after I moved back to New Mexico, and the day after deciding to make me a priority, and put my own breathing mask on first, they came home to me. I now have about 30 hummers on my feeders and expect that the rest will be arriving soon.

  • MOON PLANNER: Chiron.
  • MOON DEGREES: 5 to 16 Cancer
  • MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

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