JUNE 30 | Thursday

Good morning sweet loves! SO. Today is unusual, and it will be making some sort of big mark and impression on us. In some ways I see that we are going to be GUNNING it towards some mysterious direction and will really be pushing for change or for something to start over in a better flow. The reason this feels unusual is because we are pushing without having all the answers or wisdom to guide us, but where we still feel like we HAVE to move this forward or HAVE to move into a new space or HAVE to STOP what we are walking towards and believing in -- as if we can't take another minute going in backwards motion.

Something comes to an end, or it will shortly, but the reason to get you moving comes today. This also can feel like free falling where we now are taking a leap and we are hoping that we will land softly and that letting go will bring us what we need.

There is MUCH unknown, but still our bodies and emotions are moving us into this much needed change. It can feel real scary for some of you where you won't really know if you can bank on future support because you haven’t seen it in your past or because you are in something that is in such contrast to what you hope for. It can have you feeling super raw and emotional to the point you don’t know what to believe in and ACTUALLY will start to regress and doubt yourself into thinking you only get what you have already seen before. You may even think you are cursed, and this is your payment for mistakes made in your past. It can yank you low and really get you wanting to confirm that you are a loser and have made too many wrong turns.

BUT – this is not true, and the energy is just working to provoke you into getting up and STILL believing in some future that needs you creating the foundation of what you want to see. You got to go back and work on the structures that will hold your dreams. This is like saying how you can't hate yourself and manifest amazing things -- because you got to love yourself in order to tap into vibrations that smother you in good things. We can't hate on things until they change – like hate your body UNTIL it gets into a personally satisfying shape – or hate on your life UNTIL you find love or get your dream job. You can't buy shit and think you are going to have a pretty smelling thing.

What you are and think and do and vibrate matches to what you are doing. Hate what you have to do, and it won't reap you what you wish you otherwise had. Love what you have to do, and it WILL reap you what you wish you otherwise had. It's time to wake up and make the connection. Your love matters and it's the only way you will get to the big dreams you KNOW you are working to match up into. Level up and that life WILL greet you.


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