JULY 6 | Wednesday

Good morning babies! Today is going to be another really high energy day. This one is about taking us into our past and showing us what we didn’t decide upon correctly that NOW feels expanded for us to see. This IS a crossroads and it's where we feel things extra strong because they are warnings about how we need to change our future and go for different things.

This day will be about getting you to go low about what happened before and to now soak that all up and get all kinds of confused about your future potential. You should feel like you are at capacity and not able to process one more thing. Crossroad energy wants to really make us think about what we deserve and how better we would like things to be. But the fuel that gets us to take the leaps of faith and to believe that things can be better IS facing where we sold out or did not really stand up and believe in a greater future. It can show you how wounded your past footsteps were and how much you lost because you were not as evolved as you are today. For this reason, expect to be nostalgic and looking back with a lot of regret.

BUT. Your job is to take these fats and carbs and digest them into energy instead of extra weight that bogs you down! Remember that since the New Moon in Cancer, our themes are around digesting dysfunction in a way that brings us power or brings us to potency INSTEAD OF allowing them to leave us flat and too diluted to make a difference.

If your digestion is not working, you aren’t getting the nutrition you need, and your body won't work as it should. But if you are digesting properly, then things work in harmony. Our life will be more satisfying WHEN we learn to digest in better ways. Face that disaster, collapse, break ups and break downs are a part of life -- and they just need you to RIDE the experience in a different way.

When you own your power, nothing that stands in the way will be seen in a negative light. It is only when you don’t trust yourself and are judging your life through the expectations of others that you face challenges with fear and weakness. We DO have to walk in order to learn -- so allow this experience to be when you finally see that it is NOT happening to hurt you, and things delayed are just what they need to be. Step higher in how you digest what you THINK is a sign that you are a loser. Fly into a better interpretation of WHY you fell down and skinned your knees. See for a harmonious understanding and for peace to be what happens when the dust finally settles. Expect everything to work out eventually.


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