JULY 4 | Monday

Good morning loves! We are starting to move through something that will bring a big shift to many of your lives. It actually feels lighter, and it is going to change because of the new perspectives you are applying to HOW you process the dysfunction of life.

We have taken on SO MUCH over the past several years when things really started to flip upside down around 2016. Which, you can thank Cambridge Analytica for that! (Watch the movie, The Great Hack). They decided we needed a new narrative and they carved out a rabbit hole for 72 million to stuff themselves into. They paved the way for a new ideology and for this other reality to be questioned. They proved how easy it is to manipulate the masses into believing anything, as they have done this with MANY countries already – even though it did cost them a million dollars a day in facebook ads to mold the Americans into where they wanted them to be. They used their billions to sway people – BECAUSE if we are inundated with things, we DO take them as gospel. We ARE easy to form into whatever those with power want us to believe.

At this special time in history, the people are REALLY waking up and seeing into how those that are the loudest just have the most money -- but they aren’t really the best authorities for us to follow. All these old world people want us staying in line and obeying in the direction they want to lead us. We are not free if we face these influences because their manipulation hits us like a fan, and we automatically start to tap dance and sing whatever they want us to believe. But they also know they need to infiltrate the high vibing locations and front as what they really are trying to attack! They are on the outside AND the inside – and have always been.

So the only way to see through what is actually just using you IS to tune into your body and go towards what is NOT about spreading hate. You need to saturate with people and things that see for glass half full. Enough of manifesting the nightmare, my loves. You are being manipulated to add fuel to a fire that is NOT even the truth, and its core values revolve around hurtful divisions or thoughts that others are somehow less than you. If you find yourself all high and mighty, you probably aren’t where you need to be. If the main point is to cast yourself as better than others, then you likely are in a cult and being used for your energy to create more hate. People in power control you to try to get you wanting to control others. When we fixate on what is wrong, we create more that is wrong. When we focus on what is wrong while using it as a catalyst to create what is right, we are where we need to be!

So value that your digestive system is changing and it's about working through what is really trying to keep you going glass half empty in life and GETTING you to choose for what only keeps you tangled in pain. It’s time to see through the illusion and work towards acquiring your wings that seek for the healing of things. Don’t break things down unless you plan on putting them together better. We don’t need more assaults towards what really just needs us seeing more beautiful visions on what it COULD eventually be.


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