Hello Summer Solstice! We have a HUGE shift around this day that deals with us asserting in a new way where we are starting over and seeking for things that feel like they support us. We are facing decisions that carry weight around things that have us feeling flat and lifeless OR abundant and welcomed. We are playing a hotter and colder game as we seek for ways to grow a better life from what we FEEL are decisions we have to make. Expect to be going your own way and to need to stand up and reach for something that others may not agree with. Where we are leaping is from a deep sense within our bodies that is guiding us to plant these seeds and to work towards dreams yet to be seen by others. Just know that there IS something beyond the rainbow and there is a goal that needs you reaching and moving into this other area in order to manifest what you have your sights on. You may notice that people are acting larger than life right now because they are done with some old story and are ready for the energy to change. This means they may appear cruel with what they reach for or will be knocking others down in pursuit of where they feel they need to be going. You also may notice people being REALLY angry and furious at what is blocking them. To be blocked at this time just means we need to look around and open to a new path that is where we NEXT need to be. What revels today is a part of your new chapter letting you know that the tides have changed. Keep seeing into the future with a smile on your face as you plant seeds of grace for what you soon will be calling your own. There IS something to grow into and it needs you fixated into getting to these new lands.

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