JUNE 22 | Wednesday

OKAY THEN! Yesterday really got many of you focused on a path that needs you inclining in order to see this and rise into this new flow that wants to MOVE YOU into a new area in life. But it’s also about not really seeing what you want just yet and having to work for the results through sticking with the process and allowing the waves that get you feeling amped but then deflated to be OKAY on the journey of getting you up the mountain. Today MAY slam many of you to the ground where you are around others who influence you to feel fear about what you want to create. BE CAREFUL around messages of others because if they don’t believe it can be done, they will be REAL LOUD in talking about woes and scarcity things that COULD BE in the future. We all have to grow stronger in knowing WE ALL are creating our next chapter right now, and how we feed our dreams is what they will be. WE CANNOT stay in the old world where we fixate into all that can go wrong. That IS an option of a path for you to take, but it’s time to rebirth into holding power even when the electricity is out. Do everything you can to be anti-gravity and to NOT let things fall to the ground. When they dip, do your all to lift them into higher views that still believe the best thing is on the way. All things that knock you on the floor are JUST A TEST to see if you love yourself enough to show them the door.

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