MAY 29 | Sunday

Good morning sweet beauties! Today is going to have you in contact with others and where you are FINALLY speaking from the depth of your soul where you are keeping it real about a new plan or direction you want to be heading into. This will be about going against what others thought you would be doing, or it deals with you now asserting and not letting go to how you think things need to change. What is fixated and stuck will be shifting from you deciding to go for something and not let fear be what stops you.

We are digging in deep because something about this is getting us excited about how we can create these new spaces when we keep with it and don’t let go. There is awareness around seeing that we have interests that keep us involved, but the truth is that we don’t stay consistent as some other wave of life pushes them out of our discipline. If things take longer than we planned, we often lose the steam to keep believing in them. And we are learning that we have to STICK WITH THINGS even if it takes years to manifest them. We have to state the goals of our new plans – and then we have to take one step at a time until we finally can say that we did this.

There are ways that you have not believed in yourself or thought you were allowed to use your voice and reach for greater things. At this time, NOTHING is going to stop you and it means you will feel fiery and dedicated to valuing yourself more so that you don’t keep ending up silenced and in regret for not doing what was there when you could have done it. Expect that people are clear with new ideas on how they want to grow their lives and with new spaces that they want to move into. There are thoughts around buying land or investing in things that will allow you to live a better life. Spend money if it helps bring value and joy to what you want to grow.

Do not allow your mind to think of scarcity and all the ways you can’t manifest what you dream. Our minds are being rewired so that we can actually create the life we wish for because toxicity in the brain will only get you pain!!

And we can’t fear our magic into place. We have to match the magic and really hold thoughts that see for something we haven’t seen before. Think about when you have a thought that focused on a real beautiful dream, like with something landing in your path that supports you fully. But then notice that you stop those thoughts in thinking you shouldn’t hope for too much because you have been so let down in your past.

YOU STOP the pure thought motion of playing in another universe where things DO feel like they go your way. And now it is on you to stop stopping yourself with fears from your past or words from others keeping your mouth closed on imagining amazing things coming true. It’s time for you to play in spaces that call out your creativity and get you seeing that you can do whatever you dream if only you dream it. With that awareness, MANY PEOPLE are about to change their path. You can have more if you go for it and don’t let go.

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