MAY 28 | Saturday

We got ANOTHER big day! The past week or so has been SUPER eventful in the evolution of our souls! It is about GROW or die – and none of us want to die because something inside of us is connecting to this new source that is helping us to keep with the challenges and to be ready for when the high roads come to show us a better view that gets us wanting to do more with life.

We are set to experience a massive upgrade of our mental spaces where we were growing bitter and cold at not having it all right now, and constantly looking out as if everything is wrong. The changes going on are to get us falling in love with the cycles of nature and the awareness around supporting things to grow instead of hating on them because they haven’t grown in the expedited ways we had imagined.

So much in life is trying to get us loving the slow processes – and knowing that just like with flowers blooming, when they finally do open, things happen quickly. This energy wants us talking kindly as we grow seeds that need us being more patient with THEIR process. We are to be at one with how things grow where we understand that while in the darkness, the biggest things are taking place!

When you can’t see everything you are working for BUT are still loving on the process, you HAVE graduated to the new energies and things will start happening really fast in the next few days. We are monitoring the end of this month to see where our mental spaces are still fixated and locked into needing results before we will really stick with them and keep trusting the process. Now we are learning to value the mystery and to create patterns around patiently loving our new seeds to grow – even if it takes months or years to finally see them manifest.

This energy is being shown to me that we are now hooked up to this other vibration that will help us believe in long term goals that before we wouldn’t invest in because we got addicted to only what comes quickly. Something about savoring the slow and embracing a long process is GOLDEN right now. If you are there, you are in a new home and beautiful change comes within DAYS to show you how supported you are in operating in this upgraded way.

Now, there also are warnings about provocation from others who WILL keep us from attaining this higher level of consciousness right now. So, expect irrational reactions to be there tempting you to go back to your old ways or to fight with others when truly you need to be patient with them like with the seeds you are growing. Don’t dish out what comes your way or try to put others in their place from your higher or opinionated view of things. Be slow in your reactions even if strikes come at you quickly. BE the patient one who doesn’t fight so easily and rewards will find you to prove that a new flow is here to support your new way of being.

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