MAY 26 | Thursday

Many of you are going to feel a bit off today as if there is some lag to the energy or where we are waiting for results to prove we are okay with what we are deciding. This means you may feel pulled to go back and doubt yourself and think that maybe you don’t deserve the best or that something is flawed about you. BUT – in fact, we all are to be reaching towards creating change around what the old world got us to buy into that now doesn’t feel like it makes a ton of sense.

So, we have to come outside of the lines and do what feels good where we also accept that others will oppose us or there will be provocation that gets us doubting that something can be done. Expect this day to create a ripple where you almost go back and forget how you have been wanting to assert yourself, but to really notice that then you dig your heels in and decide to not let this go. We need that ripple that almost makes us run back into the past IN ORDER to see that we have GOT to keep transforming and going towards what feels like it is now or never to our souls.

You also may get down today on seeing how much needs to be rebuilt and how so many are creating catastrophes because they move without thinking and are in some automatic space. Many are getting mad at the struggles and are only digging themselves in deeper. But, even if you witness these irrational moves from others, still do see that it is provoking you to do your own thing and to be about walking a different path that leads to grounding in better ways of being.

If you are working to change patterns, such as with drinking or smoking or eating certain things, there is GOING TO BE provocation that tempts you to give up on your dreams. It is a part of the journey that really gets you standing up for the change you want to create – as you see yourself in a future space when you are living a better pattern.

We all are in between right now and it’s why the testing is so abundant, but it really is all just getting us to stand up for the new path that we know needs us fighting for this. If it feels like rushing waters are trying to pull you into this other space, don’t give up because there IS a way, and this is happening to get you walking the talk of the journey.

Many of you are coming alive FROM something that is burning away or is a fear that no longer has a grip on you. One of the things that most people say about covid times is that now nothing scares us as all the scariest things just happened. So see that the old is burning away and what is left is what will feel valuable to you. You don’t need to have it all to feel okay, but what falls away now is not going to support you in the future. So let it be and keep working towards the new crop of your dreams.

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