MAY 25 | Wednesday

SO. Today is yet another wild day. We sit within the eclipse season energies -- and are soon to get the CLOSING READING with the New Moon in Gemini that will sum up this experience for us. In this gateway, we ARE seeing many tests that are pulling us out of our comfort zones. It’s like we really have to show up and be the change we want to see – and for things to not let up until we pass the tests and start acting like different peoples.

We have to go deep into the old layers to see where things first began and how we took on walking these particular seeds. It’s time now to wake up and start directing your energy towards what feels right in the body and to not be so much on the fence with life where we keep giving way because we have done so in our past.

I always talk about how when I left St. louis to move to San Francisco when I was 24 and before internet and cell phones -- and doing so woke me up to a whole other world of possibilities. I did not know until I left my comfort zone and went out to discover other lands. We all are in a similar space where we don’t know how this will go, but INSIDE we DO feel like we got to go – and THAT is the voice we are to listen to.

It is SO EASY to back down on a promise, and to then sit with doubt as we wonder if we should have cancelled, or just abided and done what would make others happy. But – your body knows best, and it is CONSTANTLY testing us to see if we will listen, WHICH MAY create ripples for others when we decide to do things our way. BUT IT IS a part of the process that gets you TO a better life where you may have to squeeze others out or let them down and NOT let that have you judging yourself in a negative way.

It’s not you; it’s me, IS a valid answer. So, process that it is YOU speaking words of change because it is YOU feeling things differently. Continue and keep going towards what feels like you are celebrated for how you naturally want to be. And if you are not where you want to be just yet, and there are so many tests making you feel small, just keep holding to a higher vision and support yourself in getting there eventually.

Expect some challenging storm waves to make you question yourself, but don’t. The test just wants to see if you will shine light on your body and feelings to guide your way – EVEN IF it looks like nothing is working out. Trust that we don’t need proof every day in order to keep marching towards our dreams. Allow the ebb and flow to be okay. Be the adult with your waves and encourage your insecure sides to keep with the process.

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