FEB 23 | Wednesday

Okay sweet babies. We finally are coming into a shift that will alleviate the pressure from the past week or so. Things have been getting heavy in regard to us waking up and facing what is actually hurting us and HOW we need to create new patterns that vote for the light instead of the dark. Privilege sees that some should soar, and others need to be merged into an area to receive less than and to suffer. But these were ideas pushed on people where we now buy into a story that is NOT acceptable, fair or what we want to stand behind.

Therefore, we are waking up and wanting to create change. The wake-up sessions begin now, that follow the healing sessions that began a few weeks ago. So, expect to bonk your way into things where you may feel stunned into consciousness or hitting things with a thud as a way to wake you up to what you are doing. Every single one of us is contributing to the pain in some way and every single one of us stopping those patterns is what brings something like a tsunami that washes the reality into our lives. 

EXPECT to see something from your past that deals with a fear you hold that now you no longer want to carry with you. There also will be a ripple with this energy because so many of us are dropping old habits that WERE supporting the old world, and in dropping them, we may hear something loud around this day where it feels like the controlling forces are trying to make us keep up with holding the old world dream of things. Just know, you are not going to be alone in your movements as we all are waking up to wanting to walk a new earth experience. 

EXPECT a new path to form around this day where you see the light into something you were not seeing at all. This can be like not having a job or way to support yourself or that person to be by your side that you dream for, and then you round this corner and THERE IT IS and THERE THEY ARE. It’s important that you are still dealing with the hard work, as if someone is appraising all your moves that need you upgrading what you have been hiding in closets and hoping didn’t matter in the long run, and seeing that this will pay off in alleviating your load and getting you to  a new view in life. 

With the light that is to arrive for ALL OF YOU, it comes slowly – so know that the glimpse into your future WILL ARRIVE around this day, but you still got work to do to get you to that top dog mountain position. But. There is another path that you had not considered because what you were thinking about were fears of how hard things will be for you. That is the old world programming wanting you deep in the scarcity and holding tightly in thinking you DON’T got it in you to succeed. So, you are to find a new way to talk and hold hope that believes in yourself and knows this is a part of your journey that is a bridge you must cross in manifesting a better life. Do everything in your power to believe that a new view is just about to smother you in good vibes. Don’t race backwards into what hurts you because you think you can't afford your dreams. You are of massive value and when you see it for yourself, the world will follow suit.


23 February 2022 | WEDNESDAY



1  3  4 | 26 Scorpio to 9 Sagittarius


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