friday 22 october

Oh hello F R I D A Y!


Good morning baby! Be aware that something will come and get you wondering about money or some sort of support that is not there, that you don’t feel like you can count on. This may cause you to question your recent moves or something where you spoke your mind and came out of the lines. This may have been a surprise, but it’s been something growing inside of you, and the time was right for the picking.

So. Don’t allow your questioning to be anything other than a gust of wind that comes through and then settles. Do everything you can to not get stuck and stubborn in playing over some scene or doubting that you got it wrong. 

Life on Earth is so interesting! But there is truth in all things having a meaning and being a part of our life journey. To make those left turns that ended up putting you on a dead-end street were ESSENTIAL. As we have been learning the past week, losing it all means we get to win something better than we could dream – IF we continue through the journey, continue to tend our crops, continue to believe in some new house/business/relationship/health ideal that is not yet a reality. 

All of your wishes are a baby first growing in mama’s belly. Just as there is such a light joy when we first come up with a new idea, then we have morning sickness and question if we can do this, then we feel great and in the flow, but when it is time to really launch, things can feel real uncomfortable and where we can’t sit still in peace. 

When it is time for the delivery of our dreams, of the fruit bearing life from our time in the fields, it tends to be harder and more intense. We see this in all things. So be patient with what feels like it is about to shift for you. It IS, but it needs you letting go of your old world ways of thinking all good things feel great. Actually, we have to stumble and fall and be in tight squeezes in order to get to the best places in life. They are the gateways on Earth – because even though we have been shown that many can just purchase what they want, as if all of life is a vending machine, but the true gold takes mining. It's not up on the surface. The best things need us digging and digging and hoping that we find something really special.

So, be aware that you are about to bump into something, and it will be asking you to talk with grace about the journey. To talk like you are almost to the other side and you really do get the value in not just getting everything for free. To want all things free is scarcity based, which is also why most wealthy people don’t want to pay full price and will always be the first to ask for a discount. 

It is a low vibration to always be looking to not have to exchange money for something. As you ascend, you will want to support and use your money to help others keep believing in their dreams – as you will see that it too floods your life with support and monetary abundance. It is true that we must first give to receive. 

Be there today and trust with your money situation. It is always better to give to a person you can see than to a corporation that keeps you from feeling free. A new pathway is forming with how we spend money, and from this inner value that gets us unhooking from corporate mentality, where we chase the wrong things, and with loaded minds full of fear and apprehension as we give our means. Walk something different and do it with faith as you talk in different ways about what you are growing and hoping to see as your new thing.



22 October 2021


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 18 to 30 Taurus



Sun into Scorpio

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