thursday 21 october

Oh hello T H U R S D A Y!


Okay loves! So much got stirred up in you yesterday and today we really see new movement and a stronger dedication to face our things and keep it real about how they make us feel. Many of you are speaking up, and something about it will show you who is your real friend or who is something toxic to you. Remember that we are letting go of thinking we need to follow along. This means we have to expect that things affect us like lightning strikes, and they get us to stand up for ourselves or to initiate in new ways. We are showing ourselves new and it means things rattle us in order to get it to grow and show from our depths. 

You may feel overwhelmed about money or your ability to manifest stability from your gifts. Be aware that we are letting go of some old way of dealing with the confusion when we sit at the first steps of rebuilding our dream homes. As we place the layers and parts, we fall into scarcity as we look at what is being done, and forget the patience needed because we also see that our dream is so far away. 

To stand on both sides, with the dream still yet to attain, and hope dwindling because the journey has been harder than you anticipated, is a space that can feel confusing. Because it feels too alive – where you are too aware that things don’t feel safe and as if you can relax and enjoy the ride. 

But. This place is when you are to learn and apply more love to what you are creating and working on. It is not where you are to reach out to others and look to social media to describe where you should be. It’s where you just need to plant your feet and stay solid with what you are working on – as you hope and wish for the best results. Steps can be hard at times, but we also are built to get through them. We grow stronger from the parts that take us having to hammer the nails in a bit harder. – And when in place, we will enjoy this immensely. 

Also, because, it gets us to use our hands and get creative and work on building the better dream. This time wants us in there working on things and really getting them to be what we need to sustain us. Work on plans today and see into the surprises set to empower you that will provide better solutions to what before was stumping you. This will be a treat that comes on this long road trip journey. Enjoy the treat and keep at seeing and working for where you want to be. Don’t fall into old traps with others where they scatter you and get you off the road trip. 

Don’t let others pull you back to the old town you are trying to leave. Provocation will fool many of you today, and it will say that you don’t value yourself enough to say no to that toxic energy. You don’t have to open the window when a diesel truck is driving by. You can keep it closed and keep it out of your home. Make choices that support you. Don’t go back to old ways where you cave and do what others want you to do because you have done it so often in the past. Use your voice to be clear and pure in its direction in shooting for the best outcome.



21 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 6 to 17 Taurus



#11 See why it had to be.

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