wednesday 13 october

Oh hello W E D N E S D A Y!


WOW.  Here we go loves. EXPECT to feel like you are doing the ultimate purge and release of all the goods to the donations center where you fully let something go and open to a whole other vibration that will be taking you over at this time.

For all of you, a process began yesterday that really got us to the airport where now we are getting on the plane. It will feel sad to release what we let go of, or there will be some sort of old pattern that feels hard to let go of, but still you all are 100% ready, and something is new inside of you that drives you to get the jobs done and keep with the rebuild of your life.

We all messed up – and we continue to mess up – as we are supposed to do on Karma Earth as we sit here in this big school. And, it is only from the emptying that we awaken to the joy of life. We must fall and stumble and lose it all before we can really FEEL the bliss of coming to the other side. If we just walk to the other side, we don’t feel anything because it is too much privilege.

Too much ease creates detachment to the accomplishment. -- As I told you a while back, I don’t talk about my business anymore because people weren’t all that excited to hear what I was saying; rather it made them want to hurt me and see me fail. It brought me to their attention in a negative way. 

But I would always have people who grew up with a lot of monetary abundance want to destroy what I built. They had no respect for the long mountain climb I walked because they only knew that you could buy your way to the top. And from that foundation, you also want to destroy when you don’t get your way. And to hear this and talk about it, most of you will think, how horrible that people who grew up with a lot of money OFTEN are this way. They don’t naturally respect hard journeys. 

Like Nipsey Hussle said, “I may not like you, but I want you to be able to eat.” With too much monetary privilege, and you upsetting their apple cart, they want you to starve. People like Nipsey, and so many of you reading, who know poverty and struggle, would never wish that level of get even. 

But the behavior comes from too much privilege and too much ease in attainment.

Imagine if you could just go to some machine and put in money and get whatever you want. It might sound desirable, but there won't be actual joy from that journey. 

We MUST go through empty to really feel how sacred it is to hold full and to be in abundance. WE HAVE TO. We HAVE to sit in the empty and want our new loves, new homes, new business, new thing that needs us walking a journey and doing the time in order to earn it developing in our lives.

As I told in my newsletter last week, I have suddenly had about 10 doors fly open all at once with things that were not moving in my career for years. They were blocked and I was stumped as to WTF I was going to do to correct them. And now, all of the sudden, and ACTUALLY right after I planted my new product Home Grid: Lucky Vibes, and now I am moving full speed ahead in a totally different life with totally different potential futures that await. Like, I just won the lottery in terms of how great the answers were behind each of those doors. 

But for years I suffered in confusion and obsession around what to do – wasting time when I could have been trusting the divine – which had a whole other timing sched going on. YOU TOO DO. Empty is the best thing you can experience. It is the best sign that filling up is going to feel like real magic. If I got my 10 doors to open so easily, I wouldn’t be this stoked and this hopeful as I sit now. No way. Easy peasy is the old-world dream. Stop chasing what others are doing when they merely are just going to the machine to purchase it. Value the empty.


13 October 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

MOON DEGREES: 21 Capricorn to 4 Aquarius



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