tuesday 12 october

Oh hello T U E S D A Y!


Good morning baby! So. Today is oh so full of many things that will be coming at you where you are being asked to finally make a decision and to choose for the rebuild of a particular path. This can be that something finally drops in your mind and suddenly you see the way to go. 

Some aspect of life that got you fixated and thinking in more of a negative light is to come to some balance point where you finally DO see enough to know enough to now make a new move. This can be where something was failing, and you sat in doubt as you processed it on the way out. But now you are getting up and getting rid of it to make space for something that is inspired by what was failing and letting you down. 

DO EXPECT a big hit with this day – it will either squash you into feeling like you are nothing, OR it will elevate you and show that you DO have worth and are an essential element to things. It is a feast or famine sort of day. 

If you do feel small and as if there is no place for your gifts, take 3 deep breaths, and talk to yourself like a special friend as you use words that calm your insecurities. It is a magical thing today where you can lift yourself up quickly, actually. But you need to be the one doing it for yourself. 

The test is just to see if YOU believe you have worth – even if you look around and see others thriving and it makes you feel insecure. We are to tame that false beast that has us jealous instead of stoked at the idea it can be done. My neighbor is in her early 50s and met the love of her life several months ago. I’m SO STOKED for her! She also didn’t believe she would meet anyone again, and I told her that surprises come in our 50s – so I said, don’t bother even using words as if you know your bucket will be left empty. 

But. Many could feel envious of her bounty if they are not in a loving relationship. We could easily look out and think this means something is wrong with us. But that is the old world trickery trying to keep you going low on yourself in the eyes of outside stimulation. But. When you do this work, like for real, you aren’t so fooled by situations that come at you that really are about planting the seed of what is in your own future. I get so excited for everyone with good news and all things that are wonderful happenings – because part of me acts like a child with the Universe and I pretend it means I am being shown what I will one day also be doing.

Now. I wasn’t always this balanced with other people’s good news. We don’t just vibe this way because we want to. My younger version would have taken it as bad news for me. So. Be your higher version today and talk yourself into the truth – which is, that the Universe showeth you things to let you knoweth that your bounty will come one day too! Don’t give up. Get up and talk the correct version. You are NOT a failure. You are a STAR on the cusp of rising.


12 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Mercury. Mars. Sun.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 8 to 20 Capricorn


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #10 Happy Happy Joy Joy! #12 Self Love.

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