wednesday 1 september


Oh September! We start this month with the Moon in the first degree of Cancer – and I tell you what, this IS when we are going to start doing the actual work to get more support into our lives so that we are not so frazzled and pulled to and fro by what is outside of us. Something is making it very clear that we need more community connections and downhome ways that keep us focused on what is right here where we can impact and make a difference with things.

If you are too much out in the world today, you can feel real upset and as if you sense danger or something to worry about. Just know, this day ACTUALLY wants you listening to those signs in new ways where you go off and get self-care and get in the tub to let it all go, and just release all the energies bogging you down. It IS other people’s things today that can really set you off and get you furious at how they are not providing you what you feel you need.

Also, some people are feeling real claustrophobic, while others are feeling super clingy. There are opposing energies where some are reaching out and the others are just wanting space to process something. But know that your body is giving you a road sign message and you don’t need to play off of others’ actions to the point you let your thing go and don’t give voice to your feelings. 

There is something like a cake cooking where it will be wobbly and in this other form for a minute, but when things do come together it will become solid and tasty. So don’t judge the actions of others or YOU needing to drastically pull away or disappear without letting anyone know. This day really expresses through the actions of the last 2 weeks where you have been using your voice to get clear on how things do or do not feel good to you. Today is just when you really lean in a certain direction, and you are to give yourself permission to flow in the ways that are heart driven. Don’t stop because another objects – and don’t stop another who needs to go off and take care of themselves. This situation is still cooking, and with rest, a better foundation will start to take form. Resentment breeds something that won't grow healthy in the long run. So, be honest with the waves of emotions and see for the final destination when the dust does settle.


MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Chiron.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 1 to 12 Cancer
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #9 Clear your space. #11 See why it had to be.

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