tuesday 31 august

Okay loves! You are being asked to stay grounded today because many things are coming into your airwaves, and they will get you thinking about ideas of beauty and potential ways to find a better home out in the world with what you would love to do.  This energy needs you grounding it because it’s very lofty and imaginative, like when we imagine we will get our bodies toned, but then we ACTUALLY have to walk months or years to accomplish that idea.

So, today you are in all the things you would love to do and it's important that you really do ground them into your reality and see that now things are changing. You are planting miraculous seeds for something that needs a fresh coat of paint and more attention in being here now and taking advantage of what is presenting. There are changes still to come that you have no idea about, but they are to be surprises that get you empowered to keep with your big mountain climbs. Honor that changes may cause friction like the seed finally breaking through the soil. Something is important in that we let go of our interpretations of how something feels on the way to birth.

Many things this week come with a shock or a quick thrust into different lands and they come for us to really process and digest them in new ways in our mind. When we have been so programmed by the internet, we now go back to our database of images in order to predict the future. If your parents were doctors, you will be more likely to believe it is possible and to pursue it yourself. If your parents lived in the streets, it will be harder to see that you could be a doctor or to even imagine it as a possibility. What we see, we believe, and now we have so many images of darker vibing things, so we are apprehensive in life – holding on to visions of things that COULD potentially destroy us or break our stability.

See that it's time to envision things that are beyond your wildest dreams and something yet to be. Keep looking to there being a solution and all fragments not being the end of things. There is growth from pain and elevation from truth. So, keep going where you haven’t been before and talk in a new way like you ARE about to get what you wish for. Talk like something is about to see you proper.


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 19 to 30 Gemini
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS:  #10 Happy Happy Joy Joy #11 See why it had to be

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