MARCH 22 | Tuesday

This is going to be an interesting day where you are kind of tired and not really feeling like yourself. Do know we are being pulled back into some situations from our past where we are seeing the error of our ways or where we didn’t really have enough of the picture to make a clear diagnosis of what was going on.

You also may have situations where you are watching others do things that you think of as low vibe or deplorable, but they are here today because you have some sort of record in your past that also walked in a similar way. Where you feel irritated or rubbed raw by others you are to stop and digest how you have reacted the same in your past. Something about what you see needs to be allowed into your body through a mirror where you accept something and strive to rise higher with your own behaviors.

What we all need to acknowledge about life is that we get better and better as we get older and more understanding of how our systems run. But also, new information is to upgrade us and give us new views of what we thought when we sat in localized areas of thinking. 

Just like how I always talk about growing up near St. Louis before internet and cellphones and then moving to San Francisco at 24 with my cat Moose and how my mind expanded alive in seeing all these other sides and perspective from meeting people all over the world. When you sit on one patch of the mountain, it is all you see. But if you get up and grow and go you will discover more about what REALLY is going on. Think about what you learn from your family, whether that be racism or sexism or that it is wrong to be gay. We are WILDLY impressionable. And if we get backwards teachings planted into our garden, we grow those same ideologies and try to cram them down the throats of others. 

But are they the truth, or are they just one little piece of a potential puzzle that may work for some but it won't work for all. Some people LOVE to hate people who are not of their race. They get off on smearing and cutting down what they see as less than. And if you grew up around that, you will feel that way UNTIL you move around and get to know more people and wake up to the reality that we were programmed to be less than we can be by thinking we are better than others. 

Something about this day will ring a bell that gets you seeing how small minded you were in your past because of your conditioning and how you don’t want to enforce that pattern anymore. What you see from another is going to bring a clue to your own past where you will decide to walk with more compassion in the future as you understand we ALL got programmed incorrectly, but we all can also be rewired back into true form. It comes from acceptance that we all are flawed and in need of repair and we are to NOT be the pointing finger trying to gaslight or diminish another because we don’t approve of where they are on their healing journey. We all get it wrong, and we all eventually, hopefully, get it right. But trial and error is how we learn, and expansion and moving around is how we wake up to how wrong localized thinking can be. Something is to come to the light today that moves you out of old patterns where you WERE actually hurting your future potential. Be open to what the doctor has to say. Something is rising for you to face.


22 March 2022 | TUESDAY
1  3  4 | 23 Scorpio to 6 Sagittarius


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