MARCH 21 | Monday

This day has some serious fireworks to it where things come to provoke – but they also come to awaken you to needing to face something that had been kept hidden or was not what you wanted to accept. In some way, the lights are now being turned on and we see the reality of what were finger puppets on the wall or something that was playing us so that we would continue to follow along and walk our pretty little behinds over the cliff. Expect people to stop where they were heading and to finally see the light that this path leads to destruction. 

Now. There also is a warning that someone is going to tease you with an irrational idea that needs YOU valuing yourself more so that you don’t give it your energy and lose the next 3 days to feeling frustrated over this other person. No fights have winners today as there is no backing down from needing to prove one’s points. I’m seeing this energy as people not giving up on wanting to dig their own graves with mean spirited views on things. Anyone who has a fiery position or way about them needs to be avoided today!! You are to see that they are a test to see if you really want to live with love and honor for all. This person is a gateway to test if the old you would rather just sit around and hate others for how different you think they are. 

It’s time for us to show that we have changed and that the old programs no longer rule our lives. We all have been played and fooled into showing our asses when we don’t get our way or fighting with others to force them to our view of things. None of you want to be dragged to the cave and forced to abide because others come with sharp words that sting or with threats that try to bring you to your knees. Wake up and see the truth of who we are inside and how that paints the picture of what we expect things to be.  The Tasmanian devil swirls in a certain way as per what vibrates inside. Does that mean you need to replicate and be what you see? 

The test today asks you to dive deeper into the realities that form the external expressions that NOW are to get you seeing for a new reality of what you want to bring. Stand firm and strong in seeing for an understanding or answer that helps you move along into a new way of being. Where there is darkness, you need to vibe in a certain way where you know there is light on the other side and a reason you are here to face this karma that you keep manifesting. 

What you do today is going to lay down a new pattern for how you relate to others and with what sort of people you attract. So do NOT be your old self as you face things that may try to get a rise out of you. Do not keep with old addictions or ways that you fight others in dark spirited ways instead of fighting for clarity and peace. Do everything to humble yourself and to trust that this passage needs you walking the talk of what you want to see changed about your life. What provokes you to go low and give your energy away is just checking to see if you really love yourself enough to say no to what obviously is here to hurt you. Don’t chase the pain and vote for more. See that this is happening to get you showing a higher side that you want to be your future life. 

Rewards come SWIFTLY to those who pass the test of this day. So, walk with grace and face challenges with a new idea on how this could be here for a great reason in showing you that you are not the person you used to be. Show your light and this will be the end of a cycle manifesting those that bring you down into feeling worthless.


21 March 2022 | MONDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Uranus. Moon/Mars. Moon/Venus. Moon/ Saturn.
MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Mars. Venus. Saturn.
1  2  3 | 9 to 22 Scorpio

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Thank you as always for your awesome guidance. It is amazing how on point your energy has been in connection through the years. I feel the new chapter opening as the old closes, just trusting the universe and my heart to guide me as I am learning to trust love as ultimate guide and teacher as you have showed me through your writings. ❤️ I hope to see the beautiful Taos mountain one day. It sounds magical.

Judy Nguyen March 21, 2022

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