MARCH 10 | Thursday

Today brings a new and undeniable feeling to your life, but you won't really be able to put your fingers on what has changed. What is important is that you tap into this energy that is similar to catching a wave, and then you are to do your all to stay on this and not let go! Things are growing and bringing more power to what is being put into place. This means each one of us vibrating this hope for a new day, while holding compassion that we CAN change and that we are NOT the ultimate judge of anyone, is going to be giving others the courage to go for things that before they would never have imagined themselves doing.

You also may see some competition situation where it makes you feel like you don’t have a home and something is wrong with you, but you are to look at this with new eyes where you see THIS is a sign letting you know something CAN be done. Shift your mental space to seeing for the high vibes in all that hits your life. The old you would see things as confirmation that others get to prosper while you will be left behind. Do not hold onto those old thoughts! Think as if life is a big mystery but that what we see is what is inviting us to grow and go for more in life. If you see someone doing what you want to do, see that the Great Mystery brought them to you at this perfect timing so that YOU would start planting the seeds for a new beginning where you too will be living that dream. Play in life and look out at what is here as being something important that wants you to see that your life has just begun and there is SO MUCH for you still to do. 

There will be things shifting and changing around you, so stay loose in your interpretations AND in seeing how this will develop. None of us can see the exact way today as we are to go into what FEELS right but to not really understand it in the brain. Actually, if you are too mentally focused, you may even talk yourself out of the change your body is indicating. So, work with your mind to allow a new view to present, but don’t think about HOW to get to the outcome of your dreams. That may be what shoots you in the foot and keeps you too scattered to hold a vibration of knowing. This day is more about trusting that your body is leading the way and allowing the steps to be filled in when you get there. We don’t need to know it all in order to move forward on what feels so right and destined to be. 

Do be aware that there is one trap today that deals with telling too much to someone who will fill you up with doubts. You also may feel driven to look at something online that then has you thinking you aren’t good enough. So, listen to your body because it will warn you to not reach out to all in trying to get answers for your confusion. It's better to allow some mystery to this day and to not chase what you think will provide you some ultimate solution. 

But if you let go and meander, you will get everything you need! Just see that things have changed and the way to grow is by following a road that can't be determined by other people’s opinions or experiences. We step into this unique space where we are held safely but only if we honor that our inner system is guiding the way. Listen, trust, and don’t expect to be able to make sense of WHY you are choosing what feels so right today.


10 March 2022 | THURSDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune.
0  1 | 18 to 30 Gemini


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