MARCH 11 | Friday

Well, look at this! It's ma birthday!!! And if things are on plan, I also am on day 8 of a fast – with intentions to go for 21 days or more! Time to reboot the system! 

Now today is going to be a bit rough for most people – SORRY! I hoped to bring a good gift to you all on this day, but it seems to be one where we are VERY emotional and extra upset about what is not in order and where it needs to be from our mental perspective of things. You may notice that you or others are barking out frustration and this energy that is trying to get things to move out of the way. You may see people losing it in their cars as they hit the steering wheel or scream or give you the finger. 

Be patient in knowing MANY are about to really hit bottom where they will exhaust themselves, and then a new energy will come in to give them hope. But we really do need to hit the wall in life in order to see how we have been manipulated to buy into these certain things that are NOT what we would really love to back up and support. Just like the dairy industry where mama cows are impregnated with a tool crammed up them in order to make babies so that their bodies will make milk. But the babies are taken right after birth and killed in ways that you see in the worst horror movies. There is NOTHING humane about drinking factory farmed milk and cow cheese as it has depression and sadness created from cows that then have to be pumped of all their milk to feed YOU instead of the babies who are murdered. And when the milk runs dry, the whole process will begin again until the mama’s body breaks down. 

We have to wake up in realizing we are what we eat and sad hormones in tortured mamas are GOING to be what YOU then feel. Then you may race to the pharmaceuticals to get pills to pick you up – but you still are in the same cycle because those pills most likely will change your system so that without them you wont be able to know true happiness like what you felt BEFORE you took these altering legal drugs. 

There is a cycle playing out that is keeping people supporting the ones who are killing this planet. And we just follow along and trust the big number accounts and the official doctors and the ease with which we find certain things. But there IS a trail you could take to connect the truth of what is really going on and it all boils down to money and control. Be VERY WARY of just trusting all willy nilly that your doctor is there to help you. Unless, they are Chinese Medicine Doctors, most likely they went to school to learn which prescriptions to give you. I had a western doctor who had me on antibiotics from 6th grade to 12th grade. Which, go figure, I’m allergic to MOST foods now, and if I eat them, like vanilla, lemon, sesame, wheat or tomatoes, I blow up with red skin or extra inches of inflammation and massive tummy pains. Another western doctor had me on 800 milligrams of ibuprofen 3 times a day for this knee pain I was having, and I did it for 8 months.

There is a wicked system that is keeping people sick, depressed and altered in what could be permanent. And it all is about money. There is a documentary that talks about how the fat free movement of the 80s is what then boomed the cheese industry, which before that, cheese was not such a big daily staple item in people’s minds. We are conned on the daily to follow the flows of what big pharma and the corporations want us to be doing. But we all are sick and depressed now – or addicted to pills that we think make us more energized and creative. But all these things tasting so good going down are hurting us in the long run. And YES, that pill may help you stay up late and write a book and create amazing music, but there is a big payback for the snort of excitement you get in this one moment. And guess what? They are NEVER going to tell you how much damage those pills or those addictions are doing to your mind. But from what I have heard from people getting off of them, is that true happiness becomes harder to find. And that’s why we need more people talking about this and warning each other that quick fixes are not the answer.


11 March 2022 | FRIDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury. Moon/Chiron.
MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Chiron.
11 | 1 to 11 Cancer

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