wednesday 6 october NEW MOON

Oh M O O N ! We love when you go new in Libra as you squeeze in closely with Mars and Chiron! This will be like a time none other. You are going to notice that people are 100% shifted into a higher expression of who they were always meant to be. We are finding home with a side of our personality that is truth. And it will feel better than anything you have felt before. 

BUT. Many of you and majority of mainstream are not yet to this utopian feeling. And let me show you where you are. So. For this moon let’s think about being right behind someone going slower than you on a mountain road. Think about how it takes a risk to pass the person. It takes you needing to accelerate and hope that no one is around the bend coming for you. And at any time that you pull this move, you could die. 

So, we don’t like when someone forces us out of our lane because they are not going with our flow. But the other choice is to stay closely behind them where we get irritated even more and TOTALLY lose sight of what is going on around us. So we could stay there and not take the risk, or we can take the risk and just hope for the best and see how it goes. We can live. We can try. We can go for more in life, where we have the open road and a clear view of the beauty that abounds. -- When locked into someone else’s rear end, we ARE unhappy.

This energy is waking you up to where you need to make the decision, see for the beauty, come to the other side, make the move, and go for something that IS your dream. It's time to get out of the dead-end lane and take the risk, where you MAY die/lose it all/fail/not live up to your expectations – but you also MOST LIKELY will thrive/win it all/succeed and be so happy you risked it, making your happiness a priority that moved you to act. 

Freedom awaits the uncomfortable space of passing another car. Honor that what you are feeling is all the emotions and sides of what could happen if things don’t work out in your life. But you will never know until you do this. And the energy is set to EMPOWER YOU and get you feeling so alive because you DO THIS THING that provides you a better view and freedom to be.

No matter if you are still behind a car, in the other “dangerous” lane, or back in your lane and going the speed you want, we all dance this together and will be examples for others to follow. So, choose for you and expect some risk and confusion to be moving you to make a big change in your life.

The old cycle of the past 8 years OFFICIALLY closes with this New Moon. That is why you all are about to wake up hardcore – and in the most energizing of ways. This will feel like you are a flipped pancake and now you are starting totally new! See your place on the road and see how it represents where you are now. Get to the freebird position. You don’t deserve to stay small and waffling. 

What is transforming in you will be another view of how you were wounded and done wrong. This will create a complete dropping of a stance we used to take; where we used to think this was so huge and damaging. Now we will have passed that town on a road trip and it won't give us the attention it used to. This is your healing journey SHOWING YOU the work is worth it. What we face, we correct in vibration. Passive aggressive is not grace. Anger is misplaced when it’s towards those holding you back when they are MERELY catalysts moving you to go for your more. We are here to inspire and provoke each other into growth.


6 October 2021
MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Mars. Mercury. Pluto.
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 11 to 25 Libra
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #13 Manifest it. #14 Complete the dream.
NEW MOON 13 degrees Libra
PLUTO DIRECT 24 degrees Capricorn

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