GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Today we are truly shifting into a new pattern of 5 or 7 years in regard to how we dance with others and how we either go wounded or how we rise above and step fully INTO the expression we HOPE others will see us as. Note that this is monumental. This is a layer of the shift that deals with us not fucking around anymore and acting too shy or too insecure or too without enough answers to BE positively assertive in life.

Like, if you don’t like something or it doesn’t feel good in your body, you have EVERY RIGHT to stop its motion. You do not have to be something in order to help others feel at ease WHEN THEY are crossing boundaries, even if they are not realizing what they are doing.

It's time for you to get sharper and more defined in what you will or will not accept. You do not need to worry about how others will take you. You need to focus on being clear and honoring that you just don’t have to take whatever. Be a smoke alarm. This means you are always with boundaries aware of fire, and you only chirp and get loud when fire be near. Yes, its message is loud, but it also warns of what you don’t want around.

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE HONEST with how things feel to you and how they either suffocate you or empower you to be the best version that you can be. Sometimes we are ships passing in the night, but we also always first need to see if we can change something and if speaking up can clear the air and create the way for a solution.

We often are triggered into our best version through provocation and a challenging squeeze. We learn when we are humbled by someone calling us out on our bullshit. We learn through others speaking THEIR boundaries and how THEY need things to be. So it’s understandable that these challenging provocations are really just ripe opportunities for REFINEMENT. And we all get better together – through triggering each other for good or bad. But bad is always good in the long run because it shows us something about ourselves.

The thing is. It's time to start seeing that the trigger needs you showing up in a higher way and NOT through just moving away. We feel amped when someone sees us, and we walk prouder because of it. We feel dejected when someone doesn’t see us, so we walk smaller -- which makes us mad to have to feel, so we want to hurt the person who doesn’t see our brilliance.

It is now time to give love to what someone doesn’t see and to be the medicine that gets them seeing it. This means we need to STAY AROUND and try to work towards peace. We need to actually be the kindness medicine that allows others to be the same. We all are just walking projections, so we need to be aware of how we provoke others. There always are ways to bring more beauty to things because YOU are a beautiful person.

What provokes you in negative ways shows that you don’t see yourself as beautiful. If you did, you wouldn’t give energy to anyone and their things, you would just give the medicine and THEN move away with peace. If you tango and it lingers, even though you drew the boundary, you STILL are in the connection. You have to stay until you can leave with peace and THEN you can be on your merry way! We just can't break apart and expect anyone to heal their trauma karma-destined connections.

There always are ways

to bring more beauty to things

because YOU are a beautiful person.

You are kind and generous

And want to be your best.

You are aware and conscious

And want to make a difference.

You may be tired on the journey

Because it “hasn’t gone your way”

For years or a decade --

But you are beautiful because of it.

Because you are still here

TRUSTING that it won't always be hard.

And eventually, it will BE the dream.

So good on you, love.

Keep on bringing more beauty to things.

Because those things are manifesting.




MOON DEGREES: 13 to 24 Libra


NUMEROLOGY:    1  5  6



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