tuesday 21 december

Good morning sweet love! We have an important day today as we move into the winter solstice on an 11 day! This day is going to be charged with energy and it's also going to be potent as the veils are thin, which means we are going to be able to perceive things that normally we would not. This is a day when you will get this scent of your grandma or feel the presence of your grandpa or will suddenly tune into people who've crossed over who seem to be on your mind today. It is not a coincidence that they are coming to your mind because they really are there with you today.

We are working on unravelling where we have been wounded but have continued on because it was the only thing to do. Many of the people who have crossed over, and are reaching out, were the source of your pain. Be open to understanding that healing is taking place and that there will be a rise in your energy from feeling something mysterious that settles you into a new view on things.

We are going into a new layer of mirror healing work that deals with something from today and how you are going to step into something within the first days of 2022. This means you will feel inspired from what hits you and how it gets you to see through some backed up material that now is showing that there IS light up ahead. There also will be a rock bottom that gets hit by many of you and it is what you need so that you start opening to new potential.

This deals with you feeling like you have done too much wrong and have hurt too many living things to feel like you can really soar in life. You may feel super raw and with tears coming but not really understanding the focus of what is getting you to feel so low. Be okay in this space because it's going to get your heart filled with more compassion. We are finding our way to love others more from seeing how we are still upset with ourselves for decisions we’ve made that ultimately were wound reactions and not the truth of who we are.

This is why there is so much forgiveness in the healing arena and where we lose our evil addictions to judging others so hatefully or wishing them so much pain. We truly see the evil in others when we have it inside of ourselves and are unwilling to face this. We are like magnets to others off balance ways when we too have them inside our own systems. You will have problems with people who bring up what you need to see about yourself, or you will feel jealous and bitter with those who have something you think you deserve to experience. And those feelings are GOLDEN in the healing arena because they instantly point us to where we have been hurt and how we now need to make some sort of peace so that we can carry on and LIVE AGAIN. When you hate everyone for how wrong you feel they are, you stop growing and your life stays stunted.

2022 is going to wake you up to your energetic influence more than any year of your life – and all these readings are warnings letting you know you may get slammed with a super storm if you don’t stop the automatic mean ways you eat others alive because you aren’t happy with your own life. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee and see that you are as important as me and they are as important as us. We all deserve to have a life filled with joy and if you vibe it inside, you will 100% see it on the outside.

The energy is CHANGED. The rulebooks are CHANGED. The timing has changed. And in 2022 things speed up so quickly so that we feel the impact of our real energy exchanges. Do what you can to be humble with what you experience and see that it's time for you to transform and shed old skins that got you tough when we really need you to be soft. You don’t have to fight life. Surrender and see how you can grow from what is showing you WHERE you need to be more loving with yourself and others who trigger you to see into the depths of your history.


21 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Pluto.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Pluto.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 23 Cancer to 4 Leo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

SUN INTO CAPRICORN | Winter Solstice

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I am going to plant the crystals I bought from you. Do I just use the soil around my apartment or can I purchase it at Home Depot?
Aquarius Nation Shop replied:
I would use soil around the home if you can find it! But we put potting soil in pots and that is okay — so do what is easiest for you! ________________________________

Felicia Borel December 22, 2021

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