wednesday 22 december

OH WOW. Actually, the healing sessions begin TODAY – in a real strong and possibly confusing way! SO. Get ready for major passive aggressive moves where people are not really being clear with how things make them feel, but they are trying to move and provoke things into a new form. It also may be that YOU start expressing anger or frustration that is actually what others around you are thinking but are not showing on the outside. Today you can be picking up on negative vibes that then have you speaking in the same way – and much to your astonishment because this won't feel like you, or you won't feel like yourself.

It's interesting like that! One thing I want to share on that is that at this point in my life I am very aware of my psychic gifts and of the way my guides deliver information to me. One of the ways that words come out when something is about to happen is that I say, “I wonder if...” or “what if…” It always comes as something where I first ponder over the possibility, and it always comes out as, “I wonder if/about/what could happen/how that would feel”.

And -- they always come out of the blue so you never can really be prepared for them, but now I know, and now I know to stop and think again. Before I said yes to the house in Durango, I heard, “what if you move there and lose everything you built?” And my big ego said, “well, I’d rebuild then, and rebuild better.” Again – now in my life, NO WAY will I keep moving forward when I hear such a thing!! I was so set on THINKING this was a good move that I totally ignored how my guidance system was like WARNING WARNING WARNING. And actually, I’m so used to struggle BECAUSE of my wounds, I just took it as another challenge to then have to overcome IF I was to lose everything, which I really didn’t even think was possible! And look at me now… rebuilding what I lost. Because I didn’t trust my guidance system.

I also feel things around people, and it deals with undercover or shadow behaviors. This is because I'm born under the last full moon of the Zodiac and my moon is in the 8th house. Now in life I understand what I'm feeling, but for many decades of my life I didn't give my feelings credit because what I was feeling was something different than what I was seeing them show me. I would instead try to talk myself out of the insight that was coming to me. Now, there is no way I will take one step forward if it comes with certain body feelings where I'm getting suspicious or bad signs about someone or some experience. I don't just work with the negative and try to transmute it into light like I used to think I was doing.

This same energy is where we are picking up on things and we can’t help but express them. I also get SUPER AGITATED around people on certain drugs. Like, I don’t know they are on them, but there is a way I get weird with being super vocal about how not okay I am with something. If I get bitchy, I know I’m around someone who is taking these certain drugs.

YOU ARE PICKING UP ON THINGS and they ARE getting you to show yourself in an unusual way. For my life, I always operate this way, but for you, it is only for about 48 hours in big ways and then it dissipates for a few weeks. So we are here in acting out what is around us – and learning from it in understanding HOW WILD that our bodies are so clear in digesting things in a different way. The story that it gets you to dive into is another chapter that you decide upon. But you deserve to be in spaces where you feel good in your body, and if there is something that needs to make it to the surface and be brought into a healing way, it comes at this time.

What you act out isn’t just about others right now. It's about them helping you see what you need to heal. So, if you roar, do not force the attention on another, and instead go deeply within your own system and process the ways you are acting out. What is deeper? Ask questions and tune into really feeling like you are in an important part of your life, and THIS is when the old bridge falls away to make for a new way that YOU RELATE WITH OTHERS. It will feel complex at times, and it’s supposed to. This is old material that finally needs to be seen for how irrational it really is.


22 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Saturn. Moon/Uranus.

MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 5 to 16 Leo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream. #15 Wound healer.

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flips to moon/Saturn moon/Uranus of my transit book as always I love your insight. Also love this book! Was an awesome purchase. Thanks so much KV!
Ps in case you don’t know your daily readings are posting to a different part of your website than usual this last week or so. Thought I’d mention this in the event that it is unintentional. Much love! ❤️

Erica December 29, 2021

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