thursday 4 nov | new moon in SCORPIO

Oh M O O N! We love when you go new in Scorpio and get us to really face things and see that it is worth putting in the effort to clean up the baggage and transform our bad habits into new ways of living our life. This time can feel heavy for many of you, but it also is when you really get up and start blowing out some steam for what you feel driven to conquer at this time. You may start feeling deep in fear and worrying of all these worst-case scenarios, but you also are to notice that you are getting fed up with this sort of reaction to things and feeling enslaved because others affect you so. If only you could just go about your day and not have others rock your boat! If only! 

And actually – as you upgrade and keep growing on this journey, you will come upon a life where others don’t affect you like they do today. But also know that with this moon we are finding new ways to be better peoples so that we don’t get so mad when things don’t go our way or when we start to see the cave life as something negative, where others get some privileged experience and don’t have to suffer like we do. This time wants you switching gears and facing what is in your life that is supposed to be there for some reason, and it's time for you to settle into truth as you face what you need to see.

This will bring a new patience where you see that things do work out and the solutions come in some timing that couldn’t be otherwise controlled – like you were trying to do. Where you are controlling or feeling controlled, something is to come in and liberate this so that you start a new program or plan and start creating a better future. Where you ARE coming through with more power when need be. 

This is when we are being groomed to show up as our authorities – and to keep growing our crops until we BECOME authorities. It is not about racing to the top anymore. Those that race, may have the rug pulled out from under them. Those that settle into a simple journey with trust that there is some mysterious flow and purpose for what we must face, will see things show up as upgrades that get them through some challenging time. 

We are coming upon the shift that moves the majority into a new position – but it may be deeper into misery. And only because of NOT shifting a pattern at this time. So be loving with whatever fear or old world thing is keeping you feeling lost and confused. Be loving knowing that you are growing stronger from this obstacle and that in this journey you find yourself again. We really can't reboot until we do find ourselves new – where a new voice rises that draws stronger boundaries around how we need things to be.  It is happening now!

You are GOING to grow a stronger discipline, a stronger voice, stronger declarations, and a new patience to see it all through. What ruffled you in your past now merely moves you to create a more honoring space. There is much to let go of on this journey and you now must remember to do it with gratitude and grace. Let it go with peace as you remember that it once was something that held you. What is to leave you all is the non-stop hate. This is when you will really see that it hurts you more to be mad and angry – when really you stand at a closed door that just needs you moving on. You will be letting something go in order to shift into your new light. See that it gets better FROM what you face today.



4 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 4 to 18 Scorpio



#11 See why it had to be. #14 Complete the dream.

NEW MOON 13 degrees Scorpio


Yes!! I totally agree! I’m also looking to a warmer destination, where I can share my journey with others. The arguing & hateful energies that latch in to me are not getting the hold they once had! OMG How amazing it feels to watch love grow & blossom in my soul!!! Thank you🙏✅❤️✅🌟✅🌺✅🌝✅🐛🦋✅👀✅🦻✅😍✅🧘‍♀️✅♒️✅☮️✅❤️✅❤️✅❤️✅🙏✅

Michelle Simpson November 06, 2021

Yes this is exactly how things are panning out.Im moving to start a new life in a warm location to be free to make magic and help others without soaking up their energy 🌈
Aquarius Nation Shop replied:
I’m so happy to hear that!! I am hearing of TONS of good news from people! This is a big game changer for most of us right now and we havent even hit the eclipse yet!! Its gonna be good!! love you baby!! xoxo ________________________________

Maria November 04, 2021

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