wednesday 3 november

Good morning sweet love!! Okay this day has some serious movement to it! You are going to be returning to something that now is starting to show interest. It deals with where you have been wanting to stand your ground or to display your authority. It deals with not just going along but going towards what feels like there is something of purpose here. Things are getting serious and there are ways for you to show up better and be stronger even if you feel like in front of you is a storm. 

Something is changing in the ways our minds work where we will be losing the addictions and patterns that keep us with lives on repeat. It almost feels like there is a hyper awareness going on where we are sniffing out something new – or sensing that we aren’t to keep doing things the way we were doing them before. This feels like a spell is being lifted, and how you were conned into serving these other things that served darker motives, is not working its same controlling factor over your vision of things.

I am being shown us walking along living our lives and then we come to this sudden stop – and then we look around bewildered, like, what am I doing here?? So, expect that what felt right earlier may not feel right today. And it's all because the light is about to be turned on and you will see that there is a new way to do what you thought couldn’t be done. When the spell breaks, you may make dramatic turns! It can be like waking up right before you drive over the cliff.

So, keep your eyes up for others acting bewildered and not noticing where they are.  It can create a backed up, breaking down sort of situation that blares loudly that the old way cannot continue on. Know that the solution will rise, and something better can be put into place. Just don’t face what you have to see in a negative light. The manipulation wants you getting lost and confused. So, see with sun in your eyes and hope that upgrades will rise. There is something to discover here. And it WILL position you into a better light. Consider yourself buckled in and knowing that this next patch of the journey is to be a roller coaster ride that wakes you up. So, buckle in! It IS going to be one heck of a ride! 



3 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Pluto.  

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 19 Libra to 3 Scorpio


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream. 

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