GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ I got goosebumps when I walked into the reading room for today! Get ready for something hitting you really hard but this won't necessarily be negative. It just means life is really flooring us right now at how intense it may feel -- or how magnificent it may feel. We all are on polar opposite sides at this time, and we are either going next level in how we appreciate life – which only occurs when we were in the dumps for a long period of time – OR we are still in the dumps and waiting for something to rise.

So, each team is to learn something from the other. We only get to rise AFTER feeling like we have lost so much. And IF we are still losing things and feeling that transformation has taken over, then we are to look to those who are shifting into the light and know that we will be there soon.

Since I moved way up near the top of Taos Mountain, my whole world shifted into place – for the first time in my whole life. It's so magical it took me months to believe it would stay that way! But one thing I’ve recently noticed is that all the beauty of nature totally brings me to tears. Like, looking at trees and flowers and water flowing down the stream makes me cry because of how beautiful it all is. I am around all these farms, so I am there with babies being born and all the animals know me now and run to the fence when I walk or drive by. Even the chickens do! It's SOOO cute!

But where I am now in vibration, I never could have imagined. Like, everything is processed through my body as being a creation of God, or the Great Mystery, and as this really precious thing. I look at all humans and I feel they have EVERY right to believe what they do and to thrive in life. I don’t judge like I used to. And even in New Mexico, which is inundated with Texans and people from states I don’t even want to drive through, but I now see that they have every right to enjoy this magical blue and progressive state. I used to be like, get out, but now I’m like, yes, I get why you want to be here, and why this is such a desired vacation spot. I get why some days I only see out-of-state plates as 90% of what I see.

So be open to the changes that will hit you in the very near future that are to get your heart with more compassion and less hatred at what is different from you or what you don’t understand. I know in future generations we will understand how intelligent animals really are, which has been hidden from our awareness so that we would blindly eat them with no thought of what they feel. But I’m watching families and bonds and sweet little things they do that if YOU SAW you probably would change your tune! And if things had been different, it may have been cats and dogs that were exploited for their parts, and that you would be frying up and putting between slices of bread -- and we would have had goats and pigs as domesticated animals! It could have gone that way. And in some places, those dogs and cats ARE what they eat.

Just because someone told you something was okay, or it is marketed as the mainstream way DOES NOT MEAN your body will thrive while doing the same thing. And for you to vibrationally rise, you have to meet the vibration of your dreams. Doing ANYTHING that causes harm just causes more harm to our own lives. So we must be the first ones to start caring about all of humanity and all that breathe life on Earth – even those people around us that we DO NOT resonate with. And we can't just support what feels good only in the moment when likely it comes at a high cost to our future happiness. We have to be okay with all of it and make the best decisions based on what REALLY feels good in our bodies to do when we have considered the feelings of all.

So the new energy is going to get you FEELING like you have never felt before and THIS will be your new inner guidance system that will get you to the life of your dreams. When you start loving the flower buds and crying over seeing the wonderful creations that surround you, you can know you have leveled up. When you want to show MORE CARE to what supports and nourishes you, you can KNOW you have leveled up. When you really think about where things come from and what they have been through to get to this point, you HAVE leveled up.

Just because

someone told you something was okay,

or it is marketed as the mainstream way


your body

will thrive

while doing the same thing.

If you level up,

You won't buy into

What you used to.

Embrace the change.




MOON DEGREES: 2 to 16 Aquarius


NUMEROLOGY:    1  4  5 



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