GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ I’m being shown a really interesting thing happening! This partially deals with what we talked about yesterday how the camps are dividing into polar opposite manifestations -- but everything is in order as they are learning from each other. You will see people experiencing the best times of their life or the worst. You will hear people talking about how it all has changed and it's moving along like a dream come true, OR that nothing is working and everything is falling apart. There isn’t a middle ground like we are used to, which sort of balances things out. So. The climate is extreme.

But what I was being shown was that we are weaving like thread, in and out with both camps, and each individual person is taking something with them that helps them grow larger in life. This is important because this is where we have been in trying to teach you that you only really get to the heights in life THROUGH walking the trenches or being in depression or feeling like NOTHING is working out. We get to loving our lives with such passion when things shift after not shifting for so long. People will fight by saying, NO, life should only be easy, and suffering does NOT make you stronger. But it does. It makes you the best human you can be. It makes you compassionate and look around at OTHERS who are suffering. It wakes you up – whereas too much privilege keeps you asleep.

If death was not a possibility, I would agree that maybe we aren’t here to suffer. But death and aging is a reality. Even in the animal world, like household cats can be such savages! They kill just to turn their prey into a toss toy. And it is innate in them. They aren’t bad kitties; they operate this way.

Pain and destruction are woven into the tapestry of life on Earth -- and it's time to learn from this SO THAT IT GETS US TO REALLY GET UP AND LIVE OUR LIVES. THAT is the point of us dancing together at this time. We need to be on the low end seeing that others are on the high end so that we too believe that things can shift. And we need to be on the high end seeing others on the low end so that we remember how fragile and temporary our life situation can be -- and that we were there too, and it could happen again.

We need to look at others who are suffering and know that we can relate in order to inspire them to believe in better. If we only face what is good about life, we hold fear to the dark spaces and then they HAVE to grow larger eventually. Even law of attraction coaches tend to come from monetary privilege, where they preach how to manifest from an exalted position and NOT from the trenches where they maybe have never even been. But they hold deep fear because they only want to experience the high in life. But to me that sounds like destiny demanding that now they have to heal some massive obstacle. Like, if you want to preach that we all are manifesting what we think -- and that it does not deal with karma and lessons we NEED to learn on the Earth Walk -- and that if you are suffering, you got yourself there, then get ready to have to cure cancer. It feels destined that if you want to say we are only to be high riders in life, then you will have to prove some huge and epic thing can be completed, and it WILL come through a challenge.

My point too is that if we have so many talking about how you should ONLY be riding high, then you create a problematic situation of extreme internal and external judgment and NO compassion. It means you will look at those suffering as having a virus you don’t want to catch, so you will LA LA LA and look the other way. It is ONLY from being in the trenches that you can relate and care about others experiencing the same. So I say, congratulations. You made it here. NOW you will learn the most important life lessons.

You can't know high

If you never know low.

Don’t judge the journey.

Trust that you need the learning.

You are NOT here by mistake.

Your interpretations need to upgrade.




MOON DEGREES: 17 to 30 Aquarius


NUMEROLOGY:    1  5  6 



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