sunday 22 august FULL MOON

Oh, hello FULL MOON! We love when you go full in AQUARIUS, and you get us to make a final leap out of a space that has NOT been valuing and seeing us the way we need to be seen. This is when you will start to awaken suddenly and will want to go for more and to do something that helps you feel like you have a home in the world. If something is blocked and fixed and not moving, this is a sign that YOU need to move on and keep growing as you see that the upgrades WILL be there for you in the future.

Change is here for every one of you where something was stuck and not working out as planned. Synchronicity will align you with something that inspires you to go for a creative dream. Expect to see that others play a role in getting you to see that something can be done. Where you are stuck is where you have not seen that you are good enough to know success or to be appreciated for what you bring. 

Where you have felt controlled and unable to grow and expand into a better world will come to your awareness so that you DO put yourself first and stop chasing after what is ultimately hurting you. There are serious shifts going on in our internet world because it can be so manipulated with money. Who wants to buy their way over earning it? Only someone who is not sure and confident that they ARE valuable enough to succeed. Too many are too loud even though inside they are insecure and exploiting others to lift up their own image in our eyes. You may notice this conversation on many people’s lips because we are starting to energetically tune into what is really behind the fronts we bring and the superficial ways we are doing the work. 

Also, things on the internet are going to frazzle you and it will be clear as day that this is not your safe space anymore. It WAS safe before 2016, but at that time a shift took place where EVERYONE was like, I want to be seen! And all the students asserted their position as teachers – because they thought, who is going to know that I am exploiting other things to get to this position? THIS is why now the river is full and it's hard to tell what is real and what is fake because it's cluttered with too many people conning the system. Things are pretty on the outside but inside they are ordinary as they grow and develop. Because influences aren’t really grown and developed, they reject the way they are inside and put all the focus on the pretty outside and how to amplify it to eventually be filled up on the inside. And it doesn’t work that way. We have to first grow on the inside and then allow our outside to embody truth. 

A whole new world begins today where people will reject the mainstream manipulated way to be. You will see right through the accounts and businesses that are abusing you, even if they are so beautiful and doing all the things to get your attention. Something inside will stop you because those that buy their way are changing in vibration as we get deeper into the Age of Aquarius. And there are nagging doubts growing in those who are paying their way to the top or exploiting information and people, and pretending it is their idea to own. Get ready for sudden moves that bring down sandcastles because they were NOT built with love and integrity.

This time will be exciting for those who do the work and who are really ready to climb the mountain high vibe style instead of the corporate mentality way that is all about stealing things. Decide to rebuild and do it your way instead of following others because you think they are successful at what they do because they appear bigger than they really are. People have secrets and this energy is going to render us naked and visible to the eye. Listen to where you are feeling a fraud and honor that this means you still need to grow. Those that grow with deep roots holding their dreams WILL survive the storms. 

Know that your roots are more important than what you show because it's too easy to fake things on the outside -- but with the roots, if there is not stability, it will not just grow later on after you achieve monetary success. You MUST start first with becoming more solid in your truth, listening to your sensitive heart, and valuing that others DO NOT know the way. They too are chasing the microwave path up the mountain because so many before them have done the same. Don’t be a follower with your dreams. That old world IS going to collapse, and if you don’t got the confidence inside, from actually walking a long journey of apprenticeship, you will feel a big hesitation at this time. Just listen and look for a new way to travel. The river is too toxic for you to now think you can drink what others drink. Open to a new way and it will find you. This energy is magic like that, but it does need you first seeing that you want something different because the old world road maps do not feel great to follow anymore.


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 27 Aquarius to 10 Pisces
Full Moon 30 degrees Aquarius
Sun into Virgo.

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