monday 23 august

Now do be aware that the Full Moon is going to rock many of you. This energy is hitting us hard and it's getting us to stand up and go for change where we are coming out of the shadows of others trying to con us into another path that we can feel is sucking our lifeforce and keeping us sad and depressed about where we wish we could be. Everyone knows that social has become toxic, and that people are fighting so ugly and showing themselves in ways they wouldn’t have years ago. 

We are followers by nature and are needing to STOP THAT. Just because another acts nasty doesn’t mean we need to be full of our egos and put them in their place. Just because another does ANYTHING doesn’t mean we need to do the same. This energy is to get you SUPER EMOTIONAL about the pain some people are feeling because of the actions of those that seem to have no compassion or care. But pain defines our moves, and because we follow, we tend to do what we see even if we despise it in another. EXPECT to see things that are a mirror to what you need to see. But also, to do this different and to not just follow along because other things are louder and stronger and trying to tell us that this is how it needs to be done. 

Many of you will need to get out into nature with your crystal friends and allow silence to help you see the way. This is the best day to start with meditation or to get away from it all so that you can really empty out and hear what is really going on. Don’t buy into what you see in the mirror, but do know that it is on you to make a change that gets it looking better. If you feel like you are drowning or waterlogged, you need to sage your space and get into water with epson salt so that others’ things can be released. We are taking on A LOT today and it is sure to confuse most of you. Just remember to not feel so bad for those who seem to be struggling with the decisions they made in their past. Your job is just to say, HEY, they will get it right eventually. Be the strength for others to walk into. Don’t feel crushed because so many seem to be hurting. See that one day they will not be in so much pain. Be stronger with how you digest what you see others going through. And don’t try to save everyone because we ultimately ARE where we are supposed to be on the healing journey of life on Karma Earth. There IS something to this space and you changing is the destination.


MOON PLANNER: Mars. Mercury.
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 11 to 23 Pisces
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #9 Clear your space. #11 See why it had to be.

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