GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Can you feel the transformation? EXPECT to really notice that you are changing, and your views are shifting in regard to your interpretations of your past struggles. You may also be consumed with TIME and will really notice what you have chosen in your past that didn’t value your time and effort. This means we have mounting situations that need to be set straight. See this like moving the furniture and don’t get down even if so much you said yes to NOW doesn’t fit into the ideas for your future. THAT’S OKAY.

Again, you were where you needed to be to learn something. And we are to not ever judge what gets us to higher positions in life. OFTEN, it's through things that take us lower than we could have imagined being. We need that trampoline motion.

I have this friend who finally was approved for a livable disability check from being so damaged in combat. War vets have to fight for decades through a lawyer to get what was promised to them. And the blessing was that he is getting about $1500 more than he expected! And he said I don’t even know what to do with my time now that I know all my bills are finally covered. And I laughed saying, yes that is the money thing, that when we have too much, we don’t have the same drives to do. We NEED that lower, dense feeling that gets us off our behinds and making the magic happen. If we have too much ease, we get bored, and everyone with too much money has this level of boredom in their system. They don’t have the appreciation that raises your vibration THROUGH the challenge of getting it to be your manifestation.

Work HARD to get what values you and it will lift you higher than you could imagine. This does not happen if everything is an easy coin toss into a bucket a foot away. THAT is the easy path where you can buy your positions and possessions. And true joy can't be experienced if the journey is too effortless and paved. Not on Earth, the land of gravity. Just like how so many of you have had major stress and turmoil over the last few years -- and as you each shift into new cycles you all are falling IN LOVE with your life and how it is transitioning. When it changes, you will be such a better person in appreciating the beauty that surrounds BECAUSE you didn't see it for so long.

Long and cold winters bring heightened feelings when spring does arrive with sweet scents and purple and pinks twinkling from the trees. If the trees always had blossoms, we wouldn’t notice them. Expect to really understand this concept over the next 3 weeks. The work has been done to set your operating system into better interpretations, and every one of you is about to see that you LOVE what challenged you as you see it groomed you to be more present and aware of how fragile life can be and with how much MORE you want to manifest in order to set your spirit free. We all have new shopping lists of what we want to see in our future -- and the drive to DO MORE comes from where we were left empty that now just seems like a part of the organic process. When you can see it was NOT out to hurt you, everything changes.


When you can see

it was NOT out to hurt you,

everything changes.




MOON DEGREES: 19 to 30 Gemini


NUMEROLOGY:    1  5  6  



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