saturday 8 january

Today is going to feel totally different as something reaches completion and we finally start to see into a new path forming. This will bring light to many of you where you may have felt in a cave this whole year. Today is when something clicks into gear, and it finally gets your body to move on what you have been thinking about or staying in limbo in regard.

Now there will be a dip in the road, that does often come after we finally decide on the YES, and it will come out of the blue and slam you with doubts that maybe you can't do what you want to do or that you shouldn’t bank on a positive result. Just know, this wave comes to check your resolve on how much you want to run into this new life that awaits you gunning it forward.

And when the low comes, you are to take several deep breaths as your mind fills with doubt and allow the thoughts to just be what they are. Pretend that these are coming up to check if you are really ready for the change you dream about, but that they are NOT indications of defeat or failure in your future. They are coming to the surface to see if you will honor them as valid feelings, but also reposition them as if you are the adult here and letting your insecurities know that change is on the horizon because YOU are valuable, and YOU deserve to go to some higher level in life that you were NOT aware of in your past.

You also may be around others who are showing their wounds and acting in shocking ways. Be patient with them!!! It is so easy to judge people who are in pain and to make them the enemy, but that is not the truth. And if we are going to walk the talk of the wounded healers, we have to adjust our eyes to seeing deeper into why people act so hateful and hurtful. It IS always a mirror to what is going on inside of them. Where there are hate groups, there are people full of rage and disappointment with how life has treated them. Where there is satisfaction with one’s life, there is not the temptation to join in groups bashing others. It HAS to be inside in order to manifest on the outside. And while hating and degrading one another DOES bring a feeling that feels exciting to experience, it only brings harm to the ones relishing in the dark vibrations. It is like Adam and Eve and the temptation of the apple. We have these evil temptations that appear pretty and enjoyable to experience. But what we bite into, bites us back down the road. So, to harm or be hurtful is our own death sentence.

Don’t bother yourself with others not living up to your ideals. YOU walk how you want others to be and allow them to stumble and fall their way to awakening - just as it has been with you. You did not grow until you were emptied out and pushed to the limit. So be at peace with others being thrust into the healing journey. Where there is hatred, we are not at home within ourselves. It is a symptom and not the reality of who the person is. See the symptom and patiently envision a solution that brings things into harmony.

8 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron.


MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 1 to 13 Aries



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