sunday 9 january

Today is going to be very much about what 2022 is going to be for us. So watch closely!!! This is going to be one of those x-ray vision days where a higher power is watching the ways you dance in life as your moves are telling the story of the real levels of self-love and value you feel for yourself.

This is also about waking to how social media fills us up falsely and as if we are on a drug. It is not reality, and it is not true affirmation of your success or what you deserve in life. The likes you get may make you feel confident, but without the likes what are you? This day is testing THAT sort of energy in you. Who are you when nothing is affirming you or praising you? Do you love that person? Do you feel valuable inside, so you don’t need it on the outside to be anything other than the icing on the cake? Is affirmation the cake and what is first needed before you see yourself as valuable?

This means things will come to provoke and move things into a surprise state, but that the flavor of the day is singing of what you have earned and what needs to now be in your life. So, we all hope for amazing and loving blessings because today IS what will express for all of 2022.

Now, I can see that the ways this day will go down are wildly varied, and the truth of what we need to see in order to welcome in a new day where we are going towards what is loving -- and leaving things that have us feeling cold and unaffected. We are going towards things that open us to new experiences and the feeling like we are really living life.

I lived life to the max in my 20’s and 30’s but I only really started living life again when I got to Taos. And what I mean is that my whole environment is alive with possibility, just like it was living in San Francisco in my mid to late 20’s. There is so much happening, and it inspires me to want to do my all with each day I have. I now think and do, whereas before I would think, and then keep thinking it until then I felt regretful at never doing it. When I’ve lived in areas that did not feel expansive, I lived a life focused on small things in the moment and big dreams that I never initiated movement towards.

When living life, you go for it, and you say yes to what lights you up – no matter if it brings others to doubt you or question your motives. And today is showing up to get you going towards love and towards making this a year where you attract things that help you to value yourself so that you DO expect the best dreams. We have to sit in this energy of self-worth before we can attract what sustains us and keeps us going towards life. Social media lifts you and then slams you down like a caffeine high. It is NOT real validation.

And life is showing up now to let you know that YOU can still grow and that the work you do on loving you is going to align you with other things that are here to love you. Today is when we know where we stand, and we also learn WHERE we need to go in order to be living life to the max. You deserve the roads that will open when you make your feelings a priority and the desire to rebuild where your old self thought this was enough. Good enough just got booted from being enough. Allow a new crop to be what you dream for and go for and make your reality.


9 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Mars.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Mars.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 14 to 25 Aries


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream

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