GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ DO KNOW you all just got something dumped into your system that you may consider overwhelming. It may be that you have seen too much, and you don’t know how to handle moving forward. Be easy on yourself at this time because we all just got an academic grade for where we REALLY ARE in relation to our actual vibration and inner work growth. We all just passed some point that allowed us to see the truth of where we are and what we still need to work on. You are to take this with positivity in moving towards where it is guiding you to be.

DO KNOW many of you are feeling fixated into thinking you don’t have enough. And what we most know about this energy is that where you fixate is where things will grow larger. So the last place we want you is thinking you don’t have enough. It may be a FACT that you are sitting around in empty, but we just need you creatively thinking about how that COULD be filled up better. We want you nosediving into finding a solution instead of giving up and thinking something can't be done.

The tests are VERY heavy at this time for many of you, so be softer with yourself in not thinking you have gotten anything wrong. I am CERTAIN that you made decisions because you needed to learn something along that way. You needed to be where you ended up. But the story is NOT over and all corners that we find ourselves in are FULL of wisdom on what we WON'T accept or allow into our lives again. Most of you were NOT raised to value yourself and therefore you don’t think in exalted ways of what you deserve. THAT needs to change. Just because something doesn’t appear to work out doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly timed to be there to wake you up to your more. YOUR MORE. The more that YOU deserve when you truly value your existence.

BUT! What stands in the way around this day is what needs to be transformed and shifted into a new view IN YOUR BODY. So much that has been put into place in our world is to keep you small and NOT going out there to manifest the ultimate dreams. We are put into fear states in thinking there is not enough to go around and where we are today is where we will always be. We become like concrete, and we don’t allow anything else to breathe life into our dreams. And that MUST STOP TODAY.

We must realize that life is hard often but most likely it is hard when WE need to make a change and WE need to see something better about WHAT things mean. I know that true happiness does not come from lives that are privileged and all about ease. We NEED this certain flow of low and THEN high in order to really appreciate what we manifest in our lives. If it is only high and we have so much money that manifesting is JUST throwing a stone in a bucket a foot away, we don’t ever vibrate above baseline – even though most likely we THINK we do. You can see the boredom that shows up in the eyes from too much ease and not enough muscle being put into the process. We need the muscles being worked to the max in order to really FEEL the pleasure and joy of manifesting what took US stepping into a higher role in order to magnetize.

We need the flow of low to high as JUST HIGH is NEVER going to get us to where we truly want to be. If you only get helicopter rides in life, coasting above others, you never know the amazing feeling of working for what you want to see. In the long run, it is the work that makes you happy. So do what you can to stop chasing ONLY the high in life, ONLY the pleasure. As most people know from tinder and sex apps, all the pleasure chasing has led to no pleasure sustaining and the end of romantic relationships for generations of people. What most people wanted getting into this WAS something special and a way to meet people -- and now it will be hard to find anyone who haven’t overdosed from too much random and easy sex, where we then take on ALL those energies for 7 years.

So make today the first day of you really understanding that things too easy don’t sustain you and the hard times in life are REQUIRED in order to really get you appreciating when you move up the mountain and arrive into new life situations.

Don’t run from what is hard

Or a challenge to face

Because IT IS a gateway

Towards getting you to

Some new space

That WILL value you.

The birth canal is a tight squeeze

For a good reason.

What is the MOST SPECIAL

OFTEN comes after struggle or pain.




MOON DEGREES: 22 Scorpio to 5 Sagittarius


NUMEROLOGY:    1  8  9



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