GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Oh moon! We love when you go LUNAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio and get us to really see what we need to let go of and transform in order for us to REALLY be happy in life. This is when you are full on looking into what you would otherwise want to deny and hide from. It is as if we finally see that we can't take everything with us and that if things are heavy duty in our body, they are something for us to face and make peace with. How do we heal our wounds, you ask? We get hit by the same provocation over and over, and when WE finally show up different, and see how wrong we were in our own responses, we then continue to get tested to see if we will walk WHAT we have learned. We don’t just get to intellectualize that we understand the error of our ways as per what damaged and traumatized us. RATHER, we get it, and then we get inundated with testings to see if we REALLY understand and are willing to walk the talk of what we have discovered.

SO. This energy is about showing you what you need to see that YOU THEN will need to walk and embody in order to shift into a new life cycle or pattern. We all are at the doorway of change where we need to take what we comprehend in our mind and bring it into the somatics of our body so that we are NOT going low with the same things that then leave us feeling powerless. You ARE going to have to be brave and stronger than you have ever been WHEN switching gears into this new pattern, so come into this energy with that awareness. You may think things are too hard right now and more than you can handle but this big load is what will break you on through to the other side. You have to go into what is not working in order to bring the solution for what will.

We also are in a magical space where our thoughts are finally seeing into new views that offer the upgrades to what has not been in harmony in our lives. So you will notice that you are looking at what is empty but you won't see it in the same way. You will use your mind to say, hey I don’t have what I want right now, but I WILL have it in the future! You will notice this slight shift in how your mind processes where it will be more supportive in allowing you to look to the unlimited potentials of your future instead of the shortcomings and limitations of your past. This is life changing! The moment you can finally see that SOMETHING is coming and that THIS right here is not all that there is, will be when you find a new freedom to walk this incarnation where you will finally tune into what is important.

DO KNOW this new way of seeing life is brand new and it will need you both being gentle with your thoughts but also really moving the positive into position. This means seeing that all struggles will get you to something wonderful, that all challenges ARE NEEDED to get you really valuing what you manifest and what you build in your life. All things easy create addictions to wanting more and more that IS NOT actually important. All things hard make you appreciate the journey and that your badass got through it! Muscles that are not worked don’t get strong.

So VALUE what you have been through that brought you to your knees and knocked you into the gutter to suffer. It was there to make you into the authority that you will be. And it will NOT last forever. The gutter teaches us how to be better, but it never holds us there forever, and when we are released, we get to go farther BECAUSE we learned so much about where we NEVER want to be again. When you leave the edge of the cliff, you work harder and smarter to never be there again. If you never have seen the edge of the cliff, because privilege bubble wraps your existence, then you don’t ever know how capable you really are. To be tested is to be shown how powerful you really are. EMBRACE what knocks you down and honor that what you see will lift you to heights that COULD NOT BE REACHED without first acknowledging and making peace with what you are discovering.

Unworked muscles don’t get strong.

You are a muscle being tested to be your best.

Everything that challenges you

Is to make you better.

It is NEVER to hurt you

And force you to suffer.

See with new eyes

Into the divine gift that YOU ARE.

Don’t chase the easy roads

Because they only leave you

Wanting more.

Embrace the hard roads

As temporary schooling sessions

Grooming you to make better choices.

See that you need THIS

Because without it you won't grow.




MOON DEGREES: 9 to 21 Scorpio


NUMEROLOGY:    1 7  8



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