MAY 9 | Monday

BIG WARNING DAY! So. This one lingers with the energy of yesterday where we are returning into situations with others where we now get another chance to do this better and to really speak from our hearts where we expect that a solution or some sort of upgrade is there to help us move along into better lands. Do what you can to be out and about today and expecting that alignments occur that deal with showing you how to love yourself more and to allow that to be enough.

When we are younger, we need everyone to tap dance around our wounds, so as to not provoke us, and we also tend to be WAY MORE in tune to our own insecurities around abandonment. It could be said that we manifest what we are putting out there because in our younger days, we DO expect to be left out in the cold and to not be the chosen one in regard to love or attention for our gifts. We look for ways to think we are seeing rejection, and when in the dark of confusion, we often position ourselves as the one losing out and having to experience pain.

When we get older, we have faced our wounds and we don’t walk around so confused about who we are and how we need others to be for us. We learn to accept more, because we have had to face our own incorrect ways that hurt others and left THEM out in the cold. When we are younger, we see how everyone is against us – and when we get older, we see a whole other view of the story. And it has us wanting to reach out for clarity, when before we settled with ghosting as an acceptable way of processing dysfunction or relationships just in need of balance.

We only grow more loving and kinder with the care of others when we get older and walk so many situations where we DID NOT step up and act in an honorable way. Be with this energy as you feel the aging of wisdom and your point of view changing because you are learning more about what your heart is telling you. At some points in our life, we don’t even think about how much we hurt others as we only think about how much they have hurt us.

But we all are in the play of this dance that evolves us and gets us into more true hearted loving beings – so be with your changes and see that you needed it all in order to inspire the stories you now want to see be your destiny. Your schooling is now taking a shift where you either finally exhale after a long inhale, or you will inhale after so much exhaling. It’s time to go off and focus on healing – or take a break and accept that enough healing, for now, has taken place. Just know that the pieces are here, and the answers come when you believe that love is the way and that you don’t have to fight everyone and everything that doesn’t love on you how you think you need it to be. Learn and move on. Your job is not to reject what is here, but rather to see how you can grow better from confronting it in a loving and forgiving manner.

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