MAY 16 | Monday

Okay my loves. Yesterday was a real big hit to many of you where it yanked you into seeing the writing on the wall to the point you HAD to stand up and declare a new view for how you need things to be. We needed you waking up your heart to being a part of what votes for what can next be! Enough of giving away your life to fears and slow moving people who keep you fixated into things that only keep you anchored into what keeps you miserable.

This time is to wake you up, through knocking you out, and getting you to feel more passion for what you CAN have when you come out of the cave and learn the lessons that get you wanting to live again.

We need death and transformation in order to get us out of old patterns and into new grooves that facilitate expanded views on what can be. We need to stay stuck in what gets us “nowhere” and plants us on the dead-end streets -- SO THAT if they arrive again in our future, we don’t travel them again. We need the schooling that lets us know what our boundaries are and how we need things to be. We don’t really know until we know, and we know because something hit us off kilter and got us seeing in a new way.

This time is to get you with a new pattern around looking to your heart to be what guides your decisions –instead of buying into scarcity and old ideas and mental spaces that keep you in the fear of taking leaps of faith with things that are yet to show proof that they will be a success. This energy wants you excited about the vacation you are about to take that you don’t actually KNOW will be all that amazing and mind expansive. It wants you excited for what will be, even though what you wish for is not a guarantee.

BUT – in this moment of wonder about the future, see for new views in KNOWING you were called to do this leap of faith, and it will be what you need to rejuvenate into new patterns that support you loving the life you get to live. We are to let go of old fears that keep us in old manifestations that keep us old and unhappy about it. To see the change, we got to be the change.

Life is coming in to inspire you to WANT to leap again – with your transformed state of mind and heart united choosing how you want things to be. Shoot your arrow beyond what you have seen in your past -- and now see that you DO deserve a shift that helps you expand miraculously into what supports your new visions and plans. Don’t let go of what feels like it needs you stepping up and reaching for it. We are to go above and beyond – and to stay focused there until something arrives. Don’t run back to old world visions on how things can be. Press into a better future and keep seeking until it is your reality. We ARE to defy the odds at this time -- so position yourself appropriately! Around some corner in your future is exactly what you wish for. Keep living for it.

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