May 17 | Tuesday

Okay loves. Be aware that we are going through a bit of a gateway that is provoking us to go for more and to not stay in the old world pattens where we cut off our potential and buy into the fears of life. What we buy, we will have to eat! So we got to pay better attention to what we just agree to because it is put on our path as a dominating option. Others may want you to eat meat, but if you want to eat plant based, YOU need to be the one standing up to your ideals and walking your talk as you step into a new way of being.

What is rising in our hearts NEEDS US going outside the lines and showing how we want things to be done. It can have you feeling alone and as if no one is in alignment with your flow, but don’t go negative as you shoot your arrow! We need to be confident and strong as we leap into new mysterious lands. And if you get pulled low today, just steer your car off the warning strips and back towards your goals. Don’t allow yourself to just be taken over and put into the sidelines to suffer. Stand up for how better you want things to be -- and pull your focus back into seeing that there is a way and that you can trust what you feel.

There are changes coming that deal with provoking them into a new position and breaking through what keeps us escaping because of the effort it may take. Expect to feel like you have to come out of the shadows to assist in getting something to shift, but do know, it’s time to embrace this change and to not stay muddied in others’ fears or drama. Light is rising to inspire you to want to create a better view. See something above what is trying to hold you in the past.

You may also be working on a creative project that deals with getting your messages out there -- and today can be highly empowering where you see into a new opportunity that could help you grow. It’s a great day to start a new approach and to really see it work out in a way that helps you realize there IS room to expand into and you are not stuck behind some old glass ceiling that is trying to hold you back. Expect to dramatically awaken in seeing that some door is opening that reveals a whole other feeling to life. Stay pressed to some solution manifesting and with strong hopes that things will work out wonderfully.

You also may be thinking about someone who is not near to you, and it would be a great day to connect again and to bring the compassion to what was left in miscommunications. We are seeing other sides now and it can really have us letting go of what isn’t important anyway, like needing to be right or needing another to apologize in a certain way. Start fresh and reach out as if you want all parties to come to an understanding.


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