MARCH 19 | Saturday

Good morning beauties! Expect that last night you didn’t get much sleep because your mind was full of ideas where you were seeing all sides of things. Being that we all are about to switch lanes, you can imagine what that means where we have to be looking all around in our lane while also looking all around at the lane we want to move into. For many, this will bring an overwhelming sense that there is too much to do or too much has already been done that will keep you from moving forward. 

Be okay feeling super mental today and seeing so much that it may leave you feeling like you can't do your dreams and maybe it is better to surrender into your old lane and give up on the journey that it would take to move into the new lane. Allow yourself to be all over the place BUT DO NOT get hung up on one idea being the truth that you are too far gone and are NOT gifted enough to live this other thing. 

This day is all about testing you to see if you can still look beyond the details of this moment and the fears that others hold around you and STILL see for a better day with a knowing that you WILL be okay. For sure, it's about controlling your mental spaces so that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot and stop a process that NEEDS YOU valuing yourself and going towards a more beautiful manifestation. If you find yourself on the low end of the view of your future potential, just be patient with what you are seeing, but be determined in setting things straight and in standing your ground towards a new expression. 

This energy is very much about the beginning of a long journey but still going towards what you want to see be put into place. Building a house takes a dream, a floor plan and TONS of details that need you seeing the big picture as you do all the hard work that will one day be what you get to enjoy. When your body has taken on too many snack foods and not enough movement, you have to commit to this challenging position that needs you seeing the end result while walking the day to day that will get you there. Use these examples to stay in the game of your own betterment KNOWING none of us get to just jump into the dream without really showing a discipline and commitment to a far-off goal. We have to send out that line, but then we got to be patient as we bring it closer to reality. Don’t get judgmental with yourself and do not give up on what FEELS like it is where you want to be. 

Also – the airwaves are full today and they seem to be what gets you going low on your dreams. So be neutral with what you see today and don’t let anything be the end of you. If you get pushed down and start to doubt that you can do what you dream, see for the inspiration that will get you standing stronger when you get yourself out of this situation. Don’t buy into defeat or anything today being a sign that you can’t do what you dream of doing. All things pushing you down are to get you shooting up even higher with a dedication that THIS TIME you build it with steel. Where you feel weak and fragile, because of what comes as words or a message, is where you are to double or triple the reinforcement that will keep you standing true.


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