MARCH 20 | Sunday

This day is going to feel super heavy and confusing for many – but keep with it because you are coming to the end of a long cave where the light is JUST UP AHEAD. We will be seeing some of the biggest shifts of the year happening over the next 4 days. FINALLY, some seeds will start to sprout, and you will see that what you had growing down deeply is finally going to show some signs of life. BUT. Many of you are going to be the most frustrated RIGHT BEFORE the shift. So – if you feel low and hopeless and as if things are all too far gone, keep with the hope and continue on because it DOES get hardest right before the seed breaks through the soil to reach the light. 

This is also when you are going to truly embrace the fact that we all need to transform and become higher beings who are not so gullible to old world programming. The more hatred you hold inside, and anger for how you feel let down by life, is going to determine how gullible you are and manipulated to hold low vibes and blame everyone else for what is going wrong. Listen to that – the more HATRED you have inside is WHY you will still buy into the fake news that has you thinking the war in Ukraine is not really happening or all Democrats are scum. The level with which YOU ARE BEING FOOLED is all about the inner landscape of how you really feel about your life. 

Something at this time starts to reveal the manipulation that has been going on. Just like how Trump Jr. made the excuse that his father was just PLAYING Putin and all the evil dictators – which begs us to question, was he playing everyone? I mean Trump did say he was for the regular people, who he has never been or ever supported in his past as proof of his intentions, and as president he gave corporations an almost 40% tax cut and the elite were given tax cuts that were made permanent so no new president could take them away! Does that sound like for the people to you?? Can you imagine if YOU got almost 40% off your rent? And to think that all those corporations are the ones raising their prices now. This is the corruption of those who PLAY US so that they can get into positions to actually support the elite even more, with their endless appetites for money and power, and do the most harm to the people by trying to shame them for their struggle. We all have been played and the proof is in the pudding. 

So, expect that things are reaching the light and they ARE changing you. But also, where you stand in your opinion of things DEALS WITH how unhappy or happy you really are inside. Those that are happy are going to be able to cut through the bullshit and NOT be played by those who are going to use and abuse us. If you are full of rage, you WILL sign up for those who are playing you because they will affirm that you have every reason to be angry at everyone else. 

But in fact, you will not grow your flowers if you stay bitter and blaming those who are being put into your target area as WHY your life is not as successful as you had hoped it would be. If it hasn’t gone your way, YOU need to make a choice to bring balance to your life that DOES NOT deal with hating on others for how far they have come because you are jealous that you feel stuck in a life that does not please you. YOU got to be the one going for the dream if you feel stuck in the misery. It is here for you to choose for more. OR, you can continue to be played by those that want you vibrating hatred and serving their dark motives. YOUR CHOICE. The way you really feel inside is what gets you supporting what is outside of you.


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KV, in case you haven’t heard it enough lately, you are amazing. Thank you for your continued guidance. Happy spring!

Michelle March 24, 2022

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