JUNE 17 | Friday

Be ready for this! Things are swinging back or looping back into your atmosphere with something that will show that you or others have changed. This may feel like a bit of a test or a déjà vu situation where you recognize the importance of something that needs you understanding it better. There is a warning today where other people will have strong energies and ideas about things where they will cross your boundaries and try to get you lit up and distracted. It’s important that you are valuing your space and not allowing what will stain your day to be what you just give away. See the writing on the wall and don’t go where you KNOW you regretted going in your past. Show yourself upgraded and seek for some solution that deals with creating peace and growing better ways to be. It’s on you to lead in doing what feels right – and not holding back because everyone else is getting things so wrong. Allow the provocation to move you to stand up stronger in being a better human. What they are, you don’t have to be too!! Come outside the lines and show your heart true.

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