JUNE 18 | Saturday

Okay loves. This day is divided in how it will hit you all but it depends on what you have been learning about valuing yourself and your dreams even if things are not yet what you want them to be. It's about being a work in progress and EITHER feeling deflated because the journey has been so challenging -- OR surrendering to the process and trusting that it all will make sense eventually. We have the choice as to how we digest what is the life that is here for us now. You can either feel DONE with how many things stand in your way, or it can have you feeling even stronger in seeing that something will come to save the day, even if not today. You will be looking down and feeling even lower OR you will be looking high and KNOWING that solutions always rise out of the darkness. Do what you can to see that this situation is here testing how you handle maybe NOT feeling like you have a home in the world. But do know, YOU DO. And this is just to get you hungry in finding what stands in the way of you believing that things can be better. What you believe will be – so see for something lovely!

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