friday 29 october

Okay! We have another day where two very distinct worlds play out. Actually, this will be more common in the readings now because we all have officially taken seat in a particular space that is much like a bubble. And if we are in the bubble that is the old-world space, we are still healing particular things that must be faced before you are allowed to where things feel like there is more potential. Don’t question where you sit! Remember this! But if you sit in a painful space, you at least need to be hopeful for the other place that is also available! You are learning to walk in order to get to this new space where you get to run. And walk only if you want to! 

So. There is a high to this day where many of you are feeling so incredibly creative!! What we will be going back to is more handmade and made with serious quality – and not just items that were created from thoughts of how to make money. Where money attaches to what we create, in the new world space, it is less appealing. We won’t bring big love for these sort of things when it was created with thoughts of old world gain. 

It MUST BE that we create with love and with things where we truly thrive. Where you are really good at things is where you need to put even more attention. And you just need to sit in the energy of doing them, and love doing it while you are there. There is a whole other energy of being in scarcity when you create. Where you sit there and worry about future bills or things with others owing you money. 

If you sit in your creations, counting them out and equating them to the money they will bring, you will NOT offer the highest quality goods. They are only high quality if made in love and with thoughts of how wonderfully this will benefit others’ lives. In the new world ways, we are to play and have fun and to pretend that some higher power is in control, and all is okay – even if a flood comes in and destroys what was built. EVEN STILL, this is to be seen as a good sign that some change was not considered, that there IS a better way to build what you were working on. Be in this position with all things that bring fractures!!! See that this is a gift letting you know that something better can be done or it’s time for something new in your life. Don’t get down. This new energy comes from hooking into Mama Earth and trusting that she knows the way, trusting that what comes is needed in some mysterious way that her children do not need to worry about. Instead, she would rather that you all play and hold sweet vibrations for how great the next things are going to be. You can change this role you hold. It’s on you to lead your way. 

If you feel sensitive today and as if no one sees you and your worth is nothing, be creative. There is healing today in doing something that allows you to meditate into the creativity of it all. So, get to the sewing machine or get to the store to buy paint for that room. But keep busy in ways that get you imprinting your new story into things. 



29 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Jupiter.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 11 to 23 Leo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.

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