saturday 30 october

There is big power in this day, and it speaks of a final let go where you all are seeing that it is not worth it to keep following along in a pattern that is keeping you feeling insecure and keeping up with the Jones’. There will be new desires for more leisure and the enjoyment of life, instead of chasing after things that don’t fit because we all are so wounded that we only know things NOT working out and remaining unrequited. 

We don’t own that we are special; we just push it on everyone else to treat us that way. We want the external first and THEN we say we will love ourselves or live life fully. We need this external because we were conned to follow what WON'T help us in the long run. We stay pressed to these things. Just like how I told you that I was told often that no one would ever love me, as I had it ingrained in me that I was of no value whatsoever. I had the jealous mother who wanted me to NOT shine and be seen as special by others.

So, I walked out into the world and was baffled when amazing people were interested in me. I looked at them wondering how they could see anything in me, and it kept me giving mixed signals and ultimately too much space so as to push them away. And I DID gun it for those who would never love me. I gave them much attention. But it was because I was used to being treated this way; I wasn’t used to being loved and seen as something to cherish.

WE ALL have the same where we weren’t seen, and now we are not going towards things that WOULD truly celebrate us. We go to what is just okay or what we learned is good enough. We don’t really put our hearts out there and expect to receive. We don’t think we will win the lottery; don’t think we really can defy the odds -- but we can! 

And if our intuition does empower us to take a risk of the heart and go for something beyond, WE MUST DO IT AT THIS TIME. Today is a special gateway where we get to leap out of the old world and rise into higher spaces where we totally figure out a new way to live life on Earth. It's like we fully get it now and we get that it all shifts when we surrender and stop playing boss in the old world and stop being mad because we feel like we don’t have enough. 

We all change our view at this time and it’s because we can’t stay addicted to what keeps hurting us anymore. It won't make sense. Suddenly things connect. Suddenly you see there is a way. And this will bring a ripple of hope that lets you know you ARE onto something and now it needs you putting the pieces into place. The puzzle is clear when all pieces are where they need to be. Have fun putting the puzzle together! Don’t make any pieces negative or any holes a bad thing. Be happy that you are here now finally facing things and rebuilding where the old world sucked the life out of your dreams. When you were younger, you wanted something. What was it? What color needs to be brought back to your vision of what soon could be? What idea from your past needs you giving it another go of steam? The second time will be the best time.



30 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Neptune. Pluto.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 24 Leo to 6 Virgo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #9 Clear your space #14 Complete the dream.

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I have really missed your readings. Glad to see you again. I can’t wait to sign up again. Wow I missed you
Love and blessings. Lia
Aquarius Nation Shop replied:
oh love!!! hi! so happy to have you back!! love you baby!! xoxo ________________________________

Lia turner October 31, 2021

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